First Appointment with New Psychiatrist


I had my first appointment with my new psychiatrist yesterday (my old doctor unexpectedly retired last month). Yesterday’s appointment had to be via video because of Covid. I was super anxious about it beforehand, not knowing what he was like or if we would be a good match. For a first visit, I would MUCH prefer an in-person appointment, but that wasn’t an option for now.

Fortunately, he seems caring and understanding and listened to me very well. I felt like he was trying hard to understand my situation and symptoms and that he took all of my concerns seriously. I guess I couldn’t ask for much more.

Because my anxiety and depression have both been bad lately, we are trying a new medication combo to see if that helps. I will no longer be taking the Seroquel and instead will be taking Lamictal. He is hoping I might be able to wean off the Prozac too if the new med works, since the antidepressants don’t seem to do much for me anymore (and if I take higher doses it tends to cause hypomanic symtoms).

Lamictal is known for not causing as much weight gain as other mood stabilizers, so I am all for that! I hope I won’t have many side effects from it, but we’ll see.

19 responses to “First Appointment with New Psychiatrist”

  1. Hi there.

    I just wanted to give you a heads up. You can have an allergic reaction to Lamictal that includes a very red or flush face. It needs to be handled/stopped immediately if you develop that side effect as I believe it can be quite serious. I ended up with the side effect and had to stop Lamictal. I am not saying don’t take it cause I think it is a good med, just please please be careful about side effects/allergic reactions.

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  2. Good for you having the courage to face the anxieties

    To risk a new therapist and the awkward or maybe not good results

    I see you taking action to improve to take responsibility


    All we can do is our best then enjoy the journey

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  3. Ugh just thinking of getting a new doc gives me anxiety, Good luck with the new meds, and like others have said make sure to keep a look out for those rashes. I believe that it was Lamictal that i started to get hair loss, so i stopped…

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