Struggling to Blog


Lately I have really been struggling with motivation to blog. Due to a depressive slump, I’ve been having trouble with the desire to do much of anything, but blogging especially has fallen by the wayside.

It makes me feel bad because I truly do appreciate this community and love the interaction I get with all of you, but when the whole world feels dark, it is hard to even try to reach for some light.

I’m not sure if my current state is just a continuation of the depression I was already feeling, or if it is worsened by gradually switching mood stabilizers (Seroquel to Lamictal), but I am hoping the situation improves soon. I have only been on the Lamictal since Monday and am only on the first dosage level, with at least two increases planned, so maybe my brain is just struggling to adjust.

I’m hoping my passion for blogging will return eventually, but for now, I’m trying to hang in there. If I’m not as active as usual, all of this stuff is probably why.

41 responses to “Struggling to Blog”

  1. No need to feel bad. Don’t put pressure on yourself to create posts. There’s no exam. Just stick in there; and, only do what you feel you can do. Take one small step at a time. Hope you feel better soon. Best Regards.

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  2. Take care of yourself, you need to be gentle on yourself. Rest and rejuvenate and you’ll be back at it in no time. Do something that uplifts your heart and spirit my friend😊

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  3. Hi Maranda,

    This is my first time logging on in months and I am so grateful this post was the first to pop up in my feed. I can relate completely to the lack of motivation to blog and appreciate your pure honesty because your words are perfectly in sync with the feeling and struggles of so many other.
    Also, I too am on Lamictal and have been for some months now. I do notice the improvement and like it. There are days the sadness peaks it’s head through and even at times becomes overwhelming but over all I like the improvements in my mood. We face a battle with BPD everyday and it can be incredibly overwhelming but this post shows you are still fighting and moving forward. I look forward to future post. Take care!


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    • I’m glad that I was the first post you saw too β™₯ Sounds like you can definitely relate! I’m glad to hear that Lamictal worked for you, I’m really hoping for good results. One big plus is that it isn’t supposed to make you gain weight!


  4. β™‘ Rest Assured that We ARE Family and Many of Us Have Experienced what YOU!!! ARE Experiencing; ergo We Get What YOU!!! Going Through and FULLY UNDERSTAND!!! so Take YOUR!!! Time and Don’t Be So Hard on YOURSELF!!! We Will ALL Still Be Here when YOU!!! Re-Emerge like a Phoenix from The Ashes of The Despair YOU!!! ARE Experiencing Right Now πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š


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  5. Miranda, You are not alone in the struggle to blog. I don’t feel terribly motivated either, and anything I might think about an idea for a post seems redundant to what I’ve already written before. Your own well-being is far more important than worrying about your blog or your readers. By taking care of you, you are actively taking steps to write again – and we’re a pretty patient crowd!

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  6. I’d agree with other replies; many of us are going through it. It’s normal with all the toxic news and everything, so don’t punish yourself for being NORMAL.

    Remember that this too shall pass however. πŸ™‚

    Being a dinosaur, let me offer a little wisdom though. Experience has taught me that sometimes what you feel like doing the least is exactly what you need to break out of a funk or a rut. Doing nothing and dwelling on the bad only leads to feeling worse about it.

    Whatever you do, blogging or otherwise, do it for yourself and your own growth. The community may be an added benefit but that’s all it should be. If it’s a down day like today, take literally just a minute or two and blog about a cute moment with the cat or whatever. It doesn’t have to be a huge effort nor some great philosophical insight. Little actions can lead to big changes. πŸ˜‰

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