Visit from the Dead?

Ok, I had a weird experience this morning. I woke up to a loud, male voice urgently calling out my childhood nickname (Mandy). At first, I thought it was my husband, so I got up to see if he was ok, but quickly saw he wasn’t here and his car was gone. I texted him to make sure he was ok because I felt kind of weirded out, then went back to bed.

Right before I fell back to sleep, I had an image flash before me (with my eyes closed) of some children’s alphabet blocks spelling out the word “Dad”. I found that weird too, but went back to sleep.

When my husband got home, he had to have me unlock the door, because somehow the lock that can only be unlocked from inside was locked. I hadn’t touched the door all morning, and my husband couldn’t have possibly locked it from the outside.

When I sat down to breakfast, I decided to use the GhostRadar app (similar to the spirit box they use on ghosthunting shows) on my phone to ask if my dad (who passed away when I was 12) had been here. The first three words I got were “house”, “visit”, and “parent”. I was a bit blown away by that.

So what do you guys think?

17 responses to “Visit from the Dead?”

  1. Ur father may have came ur house 2 visit u? He might have wanted 2 see how u r doing and make sure u r ok. He might come back some day 2 visit u again.

    I hope this helps.

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  2. Oh I forgot 2 add something, maybe when u see ur father again, well if u die, u might be able 2 see him. Maybe u’ll spend more time like old days.

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  3. Wow! That must have some experience in hearing your childhood name. I would venture to say that all things are possible. Perhaps, he did visit, otherwise what else could it have been? I had a similar experience, but it was in a dream it felt so real. Years later, I still recall the dream in detail like it was yesterday.

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    • Yeah, it was weird but kind of nice too. The only people who still call me by that nickname are my family and my husband (he started calling that because my family would call me that when we were dating).


  4. I think it’s cool as heck! I totally believe stuff like this happens and don’t doubt for a second that your dad visited you. I’ve never been visited by any loved ones and sure wish I could say I have because I’d love to experience it. I’ve had dreams that seemed really ‘real’ but knew they weren’t when I woke up. You’re a lucky gal!

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    • Aw, thanks. I have had weird experiences like this off and on throughout my life. I wonder sometimes if I might have some psychic abilities, but if I do, I don’t know how to control them very well or at all lol.

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  5. As someone who interacts with Spirit regularly, I say hell yes it was a visit from your Dad. All we humans here on this plane have to do is pay attention. Our lived ones and other spirits who have passed over are communicating with us constantly. I hope you feel comforted by knowing that your Dad is with you always. I communicate with my Nana daily. She passed over 14 years ago. We have a system of symbols and signs that tell me it’s her. It’s really beautiful 🌈🌠💗🦋

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  6. ♡ The Energies have been Intense this week; from Sunday to Tuesday I slept through straight apart from toilet and snack breaks then Wednesday and Thursday I Did Some Stuff yet Still Slept a Lot…today, Friday, I Got Out of Bed at 3am then Energetically Spewed and now at 7:30 I AM Experiencing Energetic Sweats as I Write this reply; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Lucid Dream I Often Hear My Names Being called to Me


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