Covid? Update

Well, I did get the test done yesterday at a drive-thru testing center. I was so glad it was drive-thru, because the last thing I wanted to do was be around a bunch of other potentially covid-infected people when I wasn’t sure if I have it yet or not. My doctor decided to go ahead and test my husband too. (By the way, the test wasn’t that bad, I’ve had MUCH worse medical tests!)

We won’t know the results for about a week probably. I’m not sure what to do in the meantime? Do we go ahead and quarantine ourselves in the house since we don’t know? If we do that and we are infected, we will end up being quarantined for about 3 weeks at least.

I don’t know how that will work when someone has to go get milk, prescriptions, and other essentials and it is just the two of us living here. I guess we just minimize going out as much as possible? We definitely won’t be visiting anyone, going out to eat, or shopping for unnecessary items.

Any of you had to self-quarantine at home? Any tips?

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18 thoughts on “Covid? Update”

  1. We order everything online and I guess when we need to go in quarantine, we would ask someone to pick it up and to leave it on the doorstep.
    As we don’t need to be in quarantine, we pick it up ourselves.
    I wish you both much luck and I hope that you don’t have it!

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  2. Self-isolating for us wasn’t so bad as we had just gotten groceries before we began feeling sick. We were decently topped up. If you don’t have delivery online as an option, a lot of places I’ve heard will at least do a form of drive-thru where you just pop your trunk and they put the groceries straight into it. You pay online beforehand and let the store know to do contactless delivery. Never roll down your window. We didn’t actually find true self-isolating to be much different than just a stay-at-home order, except for specifically needing to be careful about contactless delivery for food. But, then, we had our cases back in April in the Northeast when everything was still shut down anyway. Out here there are “mutual aid” groups that have sprung up online that you can find that will do things like drop off grocery staples for a venmo reimbursement for folks in isolation either because of a positive test or because they are quarantining after traveling to states on our restricted list. Maybe something like that also exists where you are? I hope your work is being understanding about this all, at least. And thank you for being responsible and getting tested. Wish everyone in the U.S. was taking it so seriously…

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    1. Interesting, I’ll have to look into some of those things. Not sure what is available here. We are ok on most food, just have to get fresh things like fruits, vegetables, dairy weekly.


  3. Everybody that’s commented thus far has the right idea; just order delivery where ever possible.

    We’ve been partially forced to do the same thing here just because the local stores have such horrible inventory on everything. I hate that Amazon controls so much of the marketplace, BUT at least they carried the ethernet cable my PC needed, unlike Best Buy, Walmart and 3 or 4 other stores we tried.

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  4. Yes, food delivery and drop off is the way to go. As to whether you should start self-isolation or quarantine now, the answer is yes. I’m surprised you weren’t told to do so when you had the test done. I hope that you are both negative and the worst that will happen is that you spent some quality time together 🙂

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  5. Bless your heart! I’m hoping you and hubby both test negative. You both should definitely self-quarantine until you know for sure. There have to be some local agencies that would be willing to pick up groceries, prescriptions, etc. and leave them on your doorstep. Good luck and keep us posted!

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  7. I was quarantined for about 8 weeks in the end (I had a pneumonia as a results of a medical procedure) but this was in April and May when only front line medical staff could be tested so I had to isolate for a long time. The rules we were given were to stay isolated until you are both well and have a clear test. At first getting essentials was difficult so I dug out some old seeds and began to grow some food in pots on all my windowsills. This turned out to be unnecessary as, up and down England local communities organised delivery of anything you need if you are isolating. This wasn’t a government thing – just ordinary people helping each other. I think we were very lucky. Between what I had delivered and what some local people delivered I managed OK. Perhaps you have the same sort of thing where you live? I hope you feel well soon. Thinking of you!

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