Spray Paint Canvas Art

Lately I’ve gotten into spray paint art. I guess it was a visual artform I had never tried before, so the challenge of learning it appealed to me. It is actually much harder than I imagined lol. Learning how to control the spray just right so that you don’t pool the paint, put on too much paint, or get it all over yourself (as spray paint is a pain in the ass to get off your skin).

For my first few paintings I went entirely abstract, just so I could play around and get a feel for the art medium. Here are my first few paintings, which are on canvas panels:




If you like any of them, they are up for sale on my ebay store!

13 responses to “Spray Paint Canvas Art”

  1. I *think* there are spray paints made specially for artists, where you can control the ‘fan’ coming out of the nozzle better than the typical can of home improvement project spray paint. Might be worth checking into as you go forward.

    That’s NOT a backhanded criticism of the work either. 🙂 Just trying to help a little.

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    • Yeah, I’ve looked at the ones made especially for artists, and watched some vids of spray paint artists. Surprisingly, most of the professional artists use regular spray paint, although they are picky about brand.


  2. A lot of Spray paint art is usually street art, in large cities. Themes may include surreal landscapes of planets, comets, pyramids, cities, and nature scenes.

    Your spray paint art is like “Thru a Window, Darkly and Stormy!

    Very interesting…

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