The Most Successful Blogs on WordPress

Have you ever noticed that some of the biggest blogs on WordPress focus mostly on telling other bloggers how to “make it as a blogger” and “grow your blog quickly”? I noticed this a while ago myself. It makes sense, people are most likely to read a blog that posts information they find useful and practical, and since many WP readers are also bloggers who dream of huge followings and internet stardom, it makes sense that the blogs that promise that or try to help you achieve that would be most popular.

It is human nature to want what helps us to succeed. At times I have been tempted to follow the example of these large blogs and focus on commercialization, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m just not interested in focusing on follower numbers, views, and marketing strategies. I understand those things and think I could easily follow the “formula” to try to make it happen, but my passion just isn’t there.

What makes me feel alive is sharing my art, my poetry, my experiences and lessons learned from this whole crazy experience called life. I like to share my pain, my joy, my sadness, my hopes, my dreams, and my heart. I like to read other blogs that focus mostly on the same types of things. It may mean I never become a superstar, and neither will my WP friends, but I enjoy our communication and heart-to-heart connection so much more than large numbers ♥

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  1. The trouble with those blogs is that a large majority of their followers are really just hanging around looking for a magic formula that will grant them instant success with no work. Cristian Mihai is a great example. His advice is solid, moreso if you have a blog focused on one topic, whereas I pinball all over the place, hehe. Anyway, he has over 142,000 followers, and has said in a few posts that he has 1000 “true fans” who will buy whatever he markets.

    That’s alot of people who are not reading, just hitting the like button, or saying, “yeah that makes sense” and never doing what he advises.

    Personally, I’d prefer to just stay happy and follow a path similar to yours. If growth comes, great.

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    • Wow, I didn’t see that about Cristian Mihai explaining about his real fan base, but it doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes I feel like those kinds of blogs just become a springboard to sell something too, like a class or “how to” book or whatever.

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      • I think I’m paraphrasing him accurately.

        And yeah, they do. I think that’s part of the misguided contempt for capitalism nowadays also. It feels like everybody has something to sell you nowadays.

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      • Yeah, I think there are some major downsides to capitalism, but they can be tamed with an efficient, uncorrupted government oversight and social safety net, unfortunately, those things are crumbling here in the US.

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      • If you REALLY slice all systems down to the root causes of their failures and shortcomings, it’s a matter of morals. It’s greed and lust for power that have made all the systems come up short. If everybody truly followed the golden rule, any of them would work.

        As reality stands now, we can’t even say there’s any such thing as a uncorrupted, efficient government either.

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  2. Your reasons for blogging are just like mine, personal not some type of contest to see if I can get more followers. I get a ‘follower’ I check it out and so many are nothing but spammers. I don’t follow them even though they pretend to follow me. And I don’t believe in continuing the chain mail of awards.
    I like blogs like yours.

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  3. When I see those kinds of “how to be success” posts, I stop reading. Blogging is personal to me. Sure, it would be nice to make money writing my blog, but that was not my intent initially and it’s still not. Those types of blogs feel like commercials and, at some point, I’m not convinced that they aren’t written to “hook” you in somehow so you end up buying more detailed information. I’ll pass!

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  4. I don’t have a formula. I post what I like, I read what I like, and I do what I want. That is to say–I don’t blog for other people or popularity. I simply enjoy writing and putting things up online. If people like what I do, then I’m appreciative and supportive, but I’m more concerned about pleasing myself and leaving something relevant behind. 🙂

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  5. I have enough on my plate with two normal jobs… I can’t worry about “making it big” as a blogger. I liken that to winning the lottery. Agree that it’s more satisfying to have a few people enjoy my writing ❤️

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  6. yup some people have turned blogging into a business, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’ve been blogging for going on for 14 years now, having started on a different platform before discovering WP which, I feel, is the most user friendly. For me blogging is about sharing, not a popularity contest. Obviously, it’s nice when people comment, and I always check out new followers’ blogs but I have a “less is more” approach. Would much rather find myself in a room with a small group of friends than in a football stadium, in a huge crowd ^^

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  7. Bloggers have many different motivations and goals, I think. There is nothing wrong with blogging as a business or to promote an organization or ideology. I am beyond the age for a lot of the self-improvement posts. I am not looking to write or read any of the above types of material.

    I am happy if my blog gives my books some exposure, but I’ve never been very motivated by money. I want to create something that gives people joy, piques their curiosity, provides information, or is thought-provoking.

    My blog was started as a way to alleviate the isolation of the pandemic and to get feedback on my work. I am enjoying the experience, though sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed.

    It’s not a business to me, or an ideology, and it never will be. All the best, Maranda! ❤ Cheryl

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    • Yeah, I don’t mean to shame any bloggers, regardless of what they choose to do, but I’ve had to make decisions on what I personally want to do. I think I’m pretty happy with the way things are going so far.


  8. I have to agree with you, while I would like to write a series of novels and become as rich as JK Rowling I can’t be bothered. That’s why I’m content with a handful of followers who read me and get me. I’m not interested in selling anything because if I made a lot of money I would only use it to make others happy. Give them something to tide them over or keep them going for a while.
    I’ve never had money and can’t understand why so many are chasing after capitalists and capitalism because it just drives a huge wedge between the haves and have-nots. I would much rather tax the rich until they bleed so that everyone can have free health care, free police forces and free firemen, without the need to be taxed by the council in order to provide the last two. But, hey, that’s just me and, it seems there are a few others out there who feel the same way I do.

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