ER Again

Just 17 days after my last ER visit for the same reason, I had to pay another visit this past Sunday because I had yet another migraine lasting 3 days or longer. This is getting to be a habit and that is really not a good thing. Some of these migraines are lasting longer than 72 hours which puts them into a dangerous category that less than 1% of migraine sufferers have called status migrainosus. Reportedly this is one of the 4 ways that migraines can actually kill.

Needless to say, this is not reassuring. I am meeting with my doctor to reevaluate my meds and hopefully that will help, but who knows. I’m afraid to get my hopes up at this point. If I’m not as active on WP, please don’t think it is because I am ignoring you all, I am just not up for much right now.

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  1. *hug* Hang in there. I’m telling yah, get your neck and spine examined too. I used to have excruciating headaches that lasted days also. Once I got decompression treatment, they almost completely went away. No guarantee it’s the same situation, but it’s amazing how many people I’ve talked to that have had the same problem and fix. Even if it’s not, you can at least eliminate it as a cause.

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      • I remember you mentioning it, that’s why I’ve nagged. 😀

        Chiropractic did little for me for ages. Acupuncture only helped keep the pain in line but didn’t promote any healing. Decompression really made the difference, and even then keeping up with the home exercises has been vital.

        NOT saying that’s *the* path for you, just that different treatment options get different results depending on exactly what’s happening.

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      • I tried decompression once in physical therapy, and it made things worse, but I don’t think it was actually the decompression part that made it worse, but all the exercises they made me do. I wish they would have JUST done the decompression stuff. I did buy one of those at-home decompression things and am going to try it out.

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      • First, I’d consult a doctor that specializes in decompression, not a therapist. Better quality of advice there.

        I started with a ProNex at home device. It would have worked IF I had realized that it was hurting so much because it was stretching and breaking up deep scar tissue. THAT feels like a sharp, burning pain BTW. The professional decompression alternated stretch and release which helped alot. Even so, for the first week and a half, I was living with cold packs on my neck to reduce the inflammation. After that subdermal scar tissue was broken up, I felt much better though. MRIs and a talk with a specialist is the best way to know if it’s right for you. 🙂

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