Get Signed Copies of My Books on Ebay!

I wasn’t sure if all of you were aware that I sell signed copies of my paperback books on Ebay, so figured I’d give you a heads up in case anyone was interested. The books for sale are either my poetry books or books for children. All my print books are currently available except for “Searching for the Truth” (I’m sold out of that one right now).

Each book is $5, plus shipping via Media Mail. Below, I’ll give the Ebay link for each book. If you don’t do Ebay, but are still interested in getting a signed copy, let me know and I’m sure we can work something out. Numbers are limited, so get yours soon!

Ebay Book Links:

Ode to Icky (kids picture book)

Not Afraid to Be Real (poetry)

From Both Sides (poetry about foster care)

Creepy, Funny & Just Plain Weird (kids short stories/poetry)

Can’t Keep Me Down (poetry)

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