Poetry – There’s Been a Mistake

There's been a mistake
This is not
how it was all
supposed to go.

You, over there
as I prick my finger
on verbal razors.

Me, bleeding,
faking a smile
I could manage
to be good
just this once.

25 responses to “Poetry – There’s Been a Mistake”

  1. I translated your poem into Italian

    C’é stato un errore

    C’è stato un errore
    da qualche parte.
    Non è stato
    come tutto
    dovrebbe andare.

    Tu, laggiù
    stai ridendo
    mentre mi pungo il dito
    su rasoi verbali.

    Io sanguinante
    sto simulando un sorriso
    Potrei farcela,
    andare bene
    solo questa volta.


    I will publish it on December 27 on my blog in the weekly column dedicated to the best poems read on the web. Thanks

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  2. ♡ ALL is Well, just as it Should Be; so CHOOSE!!! Carefully, Let Go of What No Longer Serves EveryOne and Ascend to 5D in 3D, No Personal Gain


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