Why Yesterday Amused Me

Mandatory Credit: Photo by JIM LO SCALZO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Yesterday I was glued to the tv news in a way I haven’t been since 9/11. Watching the insurrection happening in DC as Trumpers laid siege to the Capital was unreal in some ways, but in other ways, it was all too expected.

As I read the responses from all my friends on Facebook (shame, deep sadness, tears, anger, shock, fear, etc.), I must admit that I wasn’t quite feeling what everyone else seemed to be.

In fact, aside from sorrow for those who died and regret for the injured, yesterday highly entertained and amused me in many ways. Why? Because I’ve seen this coming from miles and miles away and wonder how so many others were wearing blinders.

As I watched these “protesters” take down the US flag and replace it with the Trump flag, walk through the Capital building with Confederate flags (something that never even happened during the Civil War era), and watched all the politicians forced to run like terrified children during a school shooting, the absurdity of it all just struck me as funny and (unfortunately) ironically fitting for the times we are living in now.

Our society is sick and this kind of stuff is only symptomatic of that deep, festering illness. Sometimes, I do feel great sadness and despair about it all, but I think I learned to laugh at the stupidity for the sake of my sanity. I feel a bit like the Joker with such a dark, nihilistic view, but it is what it is.

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Hi! I am an artist, author, and blogger who also happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have won several awards and honors for my writings and artwork. I suffer from a few severe mental illness and chronic pain conditions (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers Danlos, Degenerative Disc Disease, etc.), which greatly affects my life and makes me want to advocate for others going through similar things. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons and movies, collecting toys, hanging out with my family, and annoying my 3 cats.

31 thoughts on “Why Yesterday Amused Me”

  1. I would not believe all they say about this on the Media. The Media has been spinning yarns since this pandemic ever started and have done nothing but lie and try to manipulate people. In many ways, you cannot say this was all the fault of Trump supporters anymore than we dan say all the riots this past summer was the fault of BLM. It’s reasonable to believe that both campaigns were high-jacked by third-party anarchists. Even so, is this simply an example of the people trying to take back our Government who has so let us down this past year, and like the media, lied to us, manipulated us for the sake of an election, and then go on to elect & re-elect their selves? Is it that the only way we’re going to get our lives back is to blatantly take it from them. The Government itself is to blame, not the people. Although we know, as has been made very apparent but other movements this summer, that there are people in this contery, organizations, who would take our freedoms from us., So before we start blaming all this on some farm boy or hairdresser, or resturaunt owner who traveled miles and miles to exercise their right to protest, lets be sure who we are putting the blame on and why good American people turned out to protest what the courts won’t at least knowledge–voter fraud. Rather or not it overturns the election doesn’t matter, they need to at least acknowledge it or it will only happen again in the future. And then where will we be?

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    1. I’m not sure I agree about the anarchists thing. I have seen enough crazies on the far left and far right to believe that they would do violence and terrorist acts in the name of the ideology and think it is right, much like religious people fight holy wars. I’m in no way saying all Trump protesters or BLM or Antifa protesters are violent, of course not, the majority aren’t, but there are enough extremists in all those groups that are.

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      1. Oh I believe that was well, but then toss in the anarchists like ANTFA and it only exaggerates the problem, particularly, when we have an administration now that won’t even acknowledge the problem, at least in public. But we will se how it goes, I’m not above giving Biden a chance, but that doesn’t mean I trust his politics.

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    2. Also, any protesters with any brains would not have set foot inside that capital building, even if they weren’t the ones that broke in. They should have known better. They put so many lives in danger. It is fortunate there wasn’t a lot more shooting going on.

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      1. The real tell will be to see if this all stops after Trump leaves office. I don’ t it will despite how BIden thinks he’s going to “unite” us when the media itself had driven such a wedge between Republicans & Democrat as they, and social media, continue to support far-left liberalism but more importantly the radical left which still goes unchecked. Even as I watch them put a spin on it today, I do not remember when the last time we had a truly objective media. But I think we would all be fools to believe anything they tell us now considering they have done nothing but try to deceive us since the onset of the pandemic. Fear mongers. They caused the hoarding, the perpetuated all the rioting, they supported far-left agendas and the sad thing, the really sad thing, is that people continue to believe them. I don’t watch television or do I do any social media except for WordPress and Goodreads. I follow news on YouTube, they all have channels there and I Line them all up and I decide what to believe. To take any of this propaganda as fact is not only ignorant but dangerous. It’s exactly how we got to this place to begin with. Rush Limbaugh pointed this out clear back in the 90s, he called it “dumbing down America” which started with the Clinton administration. Remember the guy who repeatedly denied having sex with his intern and then went on to admit he had. And I would bet no one remembers that the Clintons spend time in Russia studying Neo-socialism, this is an agenda they have been pushing ever since i.e Hillary, Obama & the entire DNC. What do people not understand about this? And yet, I kind of like Bernie and I wish he had stayed in the race, because regardless of his politics–I trust him and I do believe he understands Social Security while Obama & Biden abused it and I am afraid Biden will do it more harm because this guy is one greedy MF. There is a clip on YouTube where Bernie gets Biden to admit that they stole from Seniors in order to fund their programs when they were supposedly taxing the rich and he will do it again and this is why I voted against him. But you know, they don’t even give us a choice when it comes to elections. Nevertheless, 75 million people voted against Biden, and with good reason. If he thinks he’s going to win over 75 million people he’s a bigger fool than the rest of us. China will own us by the end of the Biden administration, and we will have no freedom.

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      2. Oh, I don’t think the problems will end when Biden gets in by any stretch of the imagination. But Trump hasn’t helped the division and growing extremism, and that’s for damn sure 😦

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  2. I’d say the truth is somewhere between where you and Charles see it, Maranda. Personally I’m leaning more Charles’ direction though. Antifa in particular has done a great job of stirring up trouble. BLM rallies seem to go rather peacefully until Antifa shows up and starts firebombing buildings, attacking people, etc… They even tried attacking a Congressman’s house a day or two ago. Antifa is evil, just like the Klan. Both should be declared terrorist groups.

    People definitely do feel disenfranchised by the government and media also. THAT is what led to the storming of the capital yesterday. The only good thing that came out of that is that the politicians are likely scared shitless now and will either pull back some, OR tip their hand about how totalitarian they really are.

    I don’t know exactly what went on with the election, BUT I do know it’s statistically impossible for Biden to have gotten 95% of the vote after midnight on election night. The media was denouncing Trump’s claims of voter fraud before he even made them too. In many ways, we’re better off without Trump. It’s the integrity of the process that many of us are worried about however.

    If the media and government doesn’t start dealing honestly with the public, I’m afraid this kind of thing will only continue, AND the conspiracy nuts on BOTH sides will have field days making up wild stories about events to enrage their followers.


    1. As someone who finds conspiracy theories fascinating and likes to listen to Alex Jones and such, I’ve heard a LOT of violent rhetoric from Trumpers. Same on things like the Donald Reddit, and among other far right groups like incels. There is dangerous extremism on both sides. Humans are humans, and when they take an ideology (or worship of a figure) too far, it becomes deadly.

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      1. My point wasn’t that there aren’t bad elements in other groups. I’ve said repeatedly in my blog that all groups have some bad apples and that’s no reason to reject the entire group.

        HOWEVER… There are the occasional group that is all bad. Antifa is one. EVERYWHERE they show up, there’s property damage and people seriously hurt. Pointing at the absolute worst of the Pro-Trump crowd to justify their behavior doesn’t make it right.

        Alex Jones is a whack job, and if you added up the total of all those groups you mentioned, I’d wager they’d barely hit 1% of the total Conservatives out there.


      2. Alex Jones has A LOT of fans and support. You might underestimate his following. Same for QANON. I’m sure their followings are at least as big (probably much bigger) than ANTIFA, although it is hard to tell exactly how large ANTIFA’s following is.


  3. Good will triumph over evil! Americans are strong people and will rise to overcome challenges. The American Dream is alive and well in our Legislators and Judiciary of both parties. Biden is a decent man who has been elected to restore national unity and restore democracy.


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