Sickly Week

It’s been a sickly couple weeks in our house. My husband came home sick from work last Thursday with what we thought was a normal stomach bug. However, when it lasted longer than 5 days, we started to think it wasn’t your average norovirus.

We even ended up taking him to the ER because the diarrhea and abdominal pain got so bad. That was quite an experience as I wasn’t allowed in the hospital as a guest due to covid restrictions, so I spent 3 hours in the car waiting for him to be treated. Luckily, the heater in our car works just fine, or I would have frozen.

Eventually, we started to wonder if he might have covid. There is a significant amount of covid patients who primarily or even only get gastrointestinal symptoms according to various studies, and Steve had all the symptoms of that. These covid gastrointestinal symptoms tend to last longer than the 1 to 3 day window of an average stomach virus. Also, just a couple weeks ago, one of the students in my husband’s class at school tested positive for covid (as did his entire family), so he had been exposed.

Yesterday we went to get the covid test done. Waiting to see what the results say. Unfortunately, the past 48 hours, I’ve started exhibiting the same symptoms he has had for over a week 😦 I’m not feeling good and it sucks.

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  1. Maranda, Robert and I both had these same symptoms in April, and my doctor now thinks it was covid. I was in the hospital for 4 days and on antibiotics for two months for several complications. This can be pretty rough. Hope you don’t have covid. Take care of yourselves! ❤

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    • I’m sorry you were so sick too! Very well could have been covid! The tests don’t always tell very well because if you have gastrointestinal symptoms, fecal tests are actually more accurate than the nasal tests from what I’ve heard and read.

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  2. ♡ I AM Sorry to Hear That and I AM by No Means a Virus Expert; what My Experience has Taught Me is that Physiological Sensations happen for reasons that Medical Practitioners would NEVER!!! Even Consider like Psychological State…so I THINK!!! that when an Easy Answer, not necessarily The Right One, is available Doctors will jump on it during their Guessing Games like Current Panic about COVID-19…in My Understanding COVID-19 worsens underlying issues Medical Practitioners fail to investigate because of the Widely Accepted View that COVID-19 is The Killer; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Hope y’all Get Through This Difficult Time Safely by Doing YOUR!!! Research and Asking The Medical Practitioners Very Tough Questions


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  3. So sorry you guys are sick. It’s easy to forget how rotten feeling sick is. (I have a tendency to think I want to be sick so I can spend the day in bed reading, but the reality is never pleasant.) Hoping that you guys don’t have COVID and that you both feel better soon.

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  4. The “like” button is a poor option for a post like this. I hope you both are feeling better. Socrates said that 90% of health problems are gut related – while waiting for things to improve I always try to make sure I am eating healthy and avoiding food with nitrates like processed meat and eating foods like salads and watching fluids. It seems to help and it doesn’t hurt. Best wishes – David

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