Have you used a blog optimization service?

I was curious whether any of my fellow WordPress bloggers have ever used a blog optimization service?

As my blog has grown, it has gotten to the point where I am constantly being contacted by companies and people offering these kinds of services, promising they can improve your blog traffic and help you to rank higher in Google searches. I haven’t hired any of them, but I’ve wondered at times if it would be worth it.

They are rather expensive, and many seem to want a monthly recurring fee to keep your blog “optimized”, which I kind of balk at. This month for the first time, I will actually meet the $100 WordPress ads minimum threshold and get a payout, so I definitely don’t make a lot of money off this blog. Occasionally I have done paid posts and links, but very rarely because I am picky about that kind of stuff and will only host things I believe in or that are directly related to my blog themes.

If anyone has used a blog optimization service, I would love to hear about your experience, and if there are any specific services you would recommend or warn away from!

24 responses to “Have you used a blog optimization service?”

  1. I use the free versions of Ahrefs Site Audit and Seobility. I’ll leave the links in subsequent comments and hopefully it won’t get sent to spam. If you’re on premium plan or lower, you’re not going to be able to enter meta descriptions for your posts, which limits what can be done in terms of optimization.

    I’ve never hired a company, but I tend to ignore the assorted randoms that contact me via my blog, because I figure anyone decent probably isn’t going to operate that way.

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      • They’re scams. There used to be sites you could join (free) where you can promote your blogs, ans some where you could submit a url, but it’s been years since I’ve seen anything like that. If you use good searchable words, Google is your best promotional tool. After that, just simply “like” and comment on other’ peoples blogs and it will draw people to yours. Particularly if you have a rather titillating avatar image. I get likes all the time from “business” type blogs, they are just trying to get me to follow their blogs or draw me into something that I don’t want or need.

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  2. I have not and that was not the point of blogging when I began. I suppose the reason a person blogs could evolve into where they begin to realize that they could be making money at it, I will never be at that point. I do wish I could thank each person who reads and comments on my blog in person but I blog a bit sporadically. I get involved in different projects and have prioritize, I am sure you are the same. Good luck in your goals! – David

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    • Yeah, the money doesn’t really matter to me, but I would like to reach a broader audience as I’m sure everyone would, but I also want to reach an audience that genuinely likes my stuff and not because of clickbait or something stupid like that.

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  3. I’ve seen multiple posts about these things. IIRC Renard at Renard’s World did a post about people that have gotten taken advantage of. That was months ago. These services and SEO are almost always scams.

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  4. ♡ Personally I Prefer Organic Growth EveryOne, Quality over Quantity; so I AM Totally The Wrong Person to Ask about “Optimising” to Increase Traffic, though I WILL!!! Say This…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that ALL Those I AM Continuously InterActing with Online ARE Worth Much More than ALL or Any Amount of Money that “Optimising” MIGHT, MAYBE, PERHAPS!!! Generate; just Food for THOUGHT!!! EveryOne


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