This Winter Storm Sucks

Man, all this snow is getting me down. I haven’t been able to go out for days and am feeling a bit of cabin fever and depression. My husband (a teacher) has worked 1 day in a week and a half because school is being cancelled pretty much every day. Our roads here are pretty bad. Not Texas bad, but not good either by any stretch of the imagination.

I feel bad complaining about the weather here in Ohio, when I see all the suffering going on in Texas, but it still sucks that we are getting more and more snow, over a foot already and counting. I know Texas’s problems are not really due to the weather but more to the fact that they have their own power grid to avoid federal regulations, and some of those regulations they ignore are to help protect against cold weather like this. So their infrastructure failed. Goes to show yet again that putting profit above all and doing all you can to avoid regulations comes back to bite you in the ass eventually 😦 I still hope power is restored soon though because there are a lot of vulnerable people paying for Texas’s political mistakes.

How are you and your family doing during this winter storm? Has it affected you at all? If you are in Texas, how are things going there? I hope you are staying safe and helping each other if needed.

23 responses to “This Winter Storm Sucks”

  1. One of few in the ‘hood with a snow shovel, I am relearning muscle-groups, and the sublime pleasure of a fifteen-minute breaks and a hot cup of coffee. More coming. If it weren’t for the worries this weather fosters, it would be Courier and Ives pretty. Do well. Stay warm. Play safe.

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  2. So very true. Things are bad here for many. How ridiculous that many are cold and hungry without power while some profit from their misery. Though the electrical bill will not reflect all the days without power and food spoilage. Probably be higher too.
    Be comforted, I understand what you are going through. I live in Texas.

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  3. I’m a homebody by nature, but “choosing” to stay home is very different than being “forced” to stay home. Even with the pandemic, at least I could walk outside my front door and breathe fresh air. But we who choose to live where winter can bring snow probably shouldn’t be complaining so much – plus here in my area of PA got a total of 1″ of snow in the 1919-1920 winter season and three mild winters before that, so we were overdue.

    Skiers are happy, ski resorts are happy, people who make money plowing parking lots and/or shoveling sidewalks are happy. Electric, gas and oil companies are ecstatic!

    Like you, Maranda, I’m investing my sympathies with the folks in Texas and the southeast who are unprepared for this kind of weather!

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  4. We had a bit of snow in the UK last week, but seeing texas get it is amazing. Its also snowed in Greece and the South East of Europe. Due to a wandering jet stream in the upper atmosphere that can be linked to climate change. So the warm air has got to the arctic and displaced cold air southerly.

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