Mothman Pizza?

My husband and I went to Point Pleasant West Virginia for a few days to visit the Mothman museum and other touristy-type stuff. While there, we went to a local pizza place that boasted a “Mothman shaped pizza”…not sure it really looks like the Mothman to me lol…

What do you think? Do you see the Mothman there? At least it tasted good, although a few pieces were super olive-y!

15 responses to “Mothman Pizza?”

    • It is an interesting story. They have a lot of weird stuff going on in Point Pleasant. Mothman sightings, nuclear bomb testing that has still left high radiation levels, UFO sightings, Men in Black accounts, etc.

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  1. πŸ’œ I SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) wings, body and eyes of a “Moth” EveryOne; also I AM Drooling and I can ALWAYS!!! Rearrange the ingredients like a kid picking out on a plate the stuff on a plate that they don’t like after parents have slaved over a hot stove or, more likely, an irradiated microwave, then carefully plated, what ungrateful BRATS!!! We ARE!!!


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      • πŸ’œ Personally, I Tend to Ingest EveryThing Put In Front of Me Being The Fucking Pig that I AM; in This Moment I Cannot Bring To Conscious Mind AnyThing I Would NOT!!! Eat caveat Being that Some Things I Just Nibble at…no Wonder Fry is in Competition with Nibbler for Leelas Affections and Attention; so I Conclude This Rambling Treatise with “HI YA!!!”


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