Personal post – Worst disability of mine

As many of you know, I’ve had a bunch of health problems for a long time. Even as a kid I had chronic stomach, ear, and sinus issues. At 19, I developed my first chronic pain condition. My medical rap sheet is a mile long.

But, I’ve NEVER experienced anything as disabling as these chronic migraines I’ve had the past few years. Migraines up to 20+ days a month, and pretty much ALL DAY when I have them. The longest straight stretch was 9 days of migraines. I also get excruciating neck pain, vertigo, and nausea with the migraines. Perhaps the worst thing is that when I have them, I can’t read or write. I can’t watch tv. I can’t stand to be in the car. Even if I don’t have a migraine, a long drive will almost always guarantee I’ll develop one, so we plan very few getaways, even when we want, need, and can afford them. There is no escape. Just long days and nights laying in the dark silence, hoping to God the pain stops.

So far meds haven’t worked too well. Botox didn’t work. Tomorrow I try my first nerve block and I’m cautiously hopeful. Still, through it all, I try to remember how lucky I am that I don’t have to work, as I have no clue how I could ever hold down a job like this. I’m thankful that my husband is committed to taking care of me and loving me even when life sucks. I’m glad my kitties bring me a smile. I’m glad to have social media to vent to lol. Looking for things to be grateful for makes you feel better, even at your worst.

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  1. That’s just awful how often and long you suffer from migraines! I only understand partly, as I used to have severe bouts, but they only ever lasted 48 hours, max. I did find relief from sumatriptan self injections. I was initially intimidated by them, when you suffer you sometimes find the courage…and they weren’t so bad.

    My migraines did stop at a point, years back. I’m not altogether sure why any more than understanding why they started.

    Sending hugs to you that yours go away, as well.

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  2. Oh Maranda. That sounds horrible. Suffering from chronic pain myself, I know how wearing and depressing it can be. I do hope that the nerve blockers work for you. Sending hugs.

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  3. I am so sorry to hear of your migraines. I have an allergic reaction to sulfites which leaves me with a migraine often for two days straight. The pain is unbearable and leaves me in bed with lights and sounds off. I cannot imagine having these symptoms all the time. You are strong!

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  4. I hope the new treatment is miraculous. I imagine you have tried everything including acupuncture. I am glad migraines are not one of the things I have dealt with. Only once did I have a headache that severe and I will never forget. It was overwhelmingly painful, even in the dark. I would love see a picture of your kitties and I applaud your understanding and supportive husband. A good man absolutely. – David

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  5. I am not a doctor, just for posterity, but I had these episodes…nausea, vomiting, vertigo/dizziness, and even this strange spatial disorientation, the excruciating neck pain, …kept going to doctors and even went to the emergency room once for what I thought was food poisoning…had xrays taken of my back and neck…this went on for about four years, I think. I did two things: stopped going to a chiropractor (but still had the issues) and, although I’m vegetarian, I don’t typically follow the latest in trendy diets (like keto, etc) but I decided to do an elimination diet per someone’s (a non-medical someone) suggestion, and I stopped eating wheat. I’ll be gosh-darned if it didn’t work. I’ve only had one or two episodes and that is when I lapsed and had wheat. I also take this herbal supplement which purportedly helps with inflammation.

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      • That’s too bad. Because I know how bad those episodes are. I was lucky, too, that when I was on Medicaid in New Mexico, I could go to an allergist for free, so adopting some protective measures against other allergens probably helped too. A family member has pink-tinted glasses to help with their ocular migraines.

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  7. hi Maranda, i am sorry to hear about your headaches, each month. not fun i know, i think you need sunshine, lots of it, i am serious. i am thinking, your neck is hurting because you have damp in your body and life. you need the sea and sunshine and lots of it. all the best, i hope this all helps, and makes you a newer version of you.

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  8. Hi Maranda, I just read your situation and I’m so very sorry you’re dealing with this migraine on top of everything else you endure in your life. How did it go with the nerve block? I hope 2022 brings you the relief you’re looking for. πŸ«‚

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