Funny Weird Dream

I had a dream that I was in the bath tub when a big, fuzzy black spider jumps into the bath with me. I decide to get rid of it by draining the water, making sure the spider goes down the drain.

I think the spider is dead and gone and get out of the bath, but then I hear a female voice singing “We Shall Overcome” from what sounds like a long distance away. I follow the sound to the drain and watch as the spider slowly climbs up and out of the drain, still singing about overcoming.

8 thoughts on “Funny Weird Dream

      1. That dream would have been an eugh for you then?

        For me, it would have made me jumpy the most after that. But laughing a bit too.

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  1. 💜 Perfect; particularly because I Have Similar “Dreams” about Snakes 🐍 😳 😉 😄 😀 😏 🐍 and other ‘dangerous’ entities SupaSoulSis



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