Staying on the Get Healthy Wagon

Fun with the Fitness Marshall

Ok, so I fell off the blogging wagon for a little bit (much of that due to migraines and other chronic pain flareups), but the good news is I haven’t fallen off the “trying to be healthier” wagon. I’m still trying to exercise whenever possible (swimming or cycling on good days, doing some light aerobics or walking on so-so days, and taking bad flareup days off).

Lately I’ve gotten into doing at home aerobic dance videos by the Fitness Marshall, which I would highly recommend. He is hilarious and very encouraging to all kinds of people, not just fitness buffs. I love how he uses plus size demonstrators as well!

I am still trying out LDN (low dose naltrexone) for my chronic pain, migraines, and inflammation. It hasn’t been a magic bullet, but may be helping some. I’m on a very low dose (1.5mg). I’ve tried the 3mg and 4.5mg doses, but they actually seemed to make me feel worse. I’m looking for good OTC supplements or meds to use for my migraines, so if you know of any good ones, please share! I can’t take Excedrin or Tylenol Migraine most of the time because the caffeine seems to upset my stomach a lot.

4 responses to “Staying on the Get Healthy Wagon”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve tried lots of home work out videos and often struggle to stay motivated so will give this a go and hopefully will work! Well done for staying on the healthy- lifestyle wagon 🙂


  2. 💜 As you know Maranda I Rely on My AutoImmune System; the SOMB (Rhymes with WOMB (Soul Observer Mind Body)) is perfectly capable of caring for itself without any treatment from Medical Intervention that are Guessing Games and may “make things worse” as you say…right now I am in incredible discomfort; yet all my mind is saying is to let it Run its Course as it has done my entire 3DLife



  3. I think you’re doing brilliantly! I lose so much time being unwell that all those migraines, the fatigue, the sickness just make the healthy wagon feel a distant dream. I really do hope the naltrexone helps a little. Maybe in time when your body gets more accustomed to it you could increase the dose to see if it’s better than the higher doses initially were. Not sure it that could happen with Naltrexone but it can with some meds.

    I’m afraid I’ve no great ideas for migraine supplements or meds as nothing has worked for me (maybe atypical migraines, pain in one eye and issues of widespread inflammation paying a part) except for Sumatriptan. There are other meds like Ajovy and Aimovig that are injectable but you have to jump through some hoops before being eligible. I’ll have to take a look at your Fitness Marshall man, my mum needs to get a little home workout set up properly for her cardiac rehab after the heart attack so this could be good fun!

    Hang in there, Maranda, you’re doing great. You can’t help being ill and that knocking you about, so remember it’s okay to rest (preaching to the choir, right?), don’t be too hard on yourself and I hope you enjoy some of the workouts!

    Caz xx


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