Art Gallery

Here is where you can browse through a few of my recent artworks! If you have any questions about my artwork, would like to feature my artwork in any way, or want to see if a specific piece is for sale, feel free to contact me at I am definitely willing to consider any offer and negotiate price for any art piece, so never be afraid to contact me and ask if you see something you like! You can also find some select original art pieces currently for sale at my Ebay store.

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17 thoughts on “Art Gallery”

  1. Your stuff really touches me. I have 3 grown daughters and I love to get a perspective of what might have been going through their hearts and minds.

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  2. I love your artwork. Very beautiful!!! Thank you for stopping by our Shop at Dove Cottage and liking some of the pieces. So very kind of you, and so nice to see a fellow artist/art expresser doing what they love to do. ~Amor Milagre

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  3. hi Miranda I thought I would check out your GALLERY, wow you do keep art busy, Thank y for sharing, you should be highly commended, you have so much amazing and unique Art Work. Congratulations to you, all the best in your art sales, and keep on creating. Have an another amazing and great days. You put me to art shame, I have very little to show, in art work…

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    1. LOL, my art is rather prolific, but I think that is partly because I do small pieces, so I am able to do much more. I really appreciate you checking out some of my stuff and commenting! This Gallery is actually just a tiny fraction of all the art I have made and sold, but it shows some of my personal favorites.

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    1. I don’t remember there being a particular meaning to that piece when I created it, I just liked the look. I think it was one of those things where I was just abstract drawing and came up with that design and liked it so much I decided to use it in an actual artwork. It always looked a little otherworldly to me, which I like.


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