Category: Mental & Physical Health

  • Affirmation of the Day

    I am sharing a recent affirmation I found online which I can relate to and hope you can too!

  • Annoyed

    People can be so annoying. Just do what you say!


    Feeling majorly depressed and trying to cling to hope that it will end soon.

  • Subconscious Sexual Abuse Dreams?

    Have you ever had nightmares about sexual abuse that you don’t consciously remember?

  • Vacation Cancelled :(

    Today is a bummer. My husband and I were supposed to go to Buffalo, NY for spring break starting today, but I’ve got an awful ear infection and don’t feel up to going, so we had to cancel. I’m taking both antibiotic ear drops and oral antibiotics, but it is still hurting a lot. Earaches […]

  • Stressful and Emotional Week

    This has been a stressful and emotional week. My husband and I had marriage counseling early in the week, which is helpful, but always makes me emotional and kind of depressed (depressed because we even need marriage counseling in the first place). Then my husband started a 12 step support group to work on some […]

  • Dreary Day for a Dreary Mood

    Dealing with depression, insomnia, bad dreams, and relationship insecurity.

  • My Uncle Passed Away

    My uncle did pass away, so tomorrow we are heading for Indiana for the viewing, and then the funeral is on Saturday, at the church he pastored for many years. Feeling sad about it all. I’ve glad he isn’t in pain and won’t suffer anymore, but I’ll miss him. The whole week has felt rather […]

  • My Uncle is Dying

    A blog post about the sadness I feel about my uncle being put on hospice care and expected to die soon.

  • This Winter Storm Sucks

    Depression during 2021 winter storm, Texas power grid infrastructure failure