Rough Week

This has been a rough week at our house.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances we have been forced to request that one of our foster children be removed.  Needless to say, the tension has been riding high.  Tempers are flaring and all of us have probably just about had it with the situation.  Unfortunately, since foster parents are supposed to give a 30 day notice before a child is removed from their home, we will have to find some way to survive and try to get along peacefully for the next 4 weeks.

The sad thing is that we really do care about the kid.  This child has a lot of potential if they would only find their way onto the right path.  We have tried everything we know to help, but if help isn’t wanted there isn’t much to be done.  It grieves my heart and makes me wish that I held the power to really make a difference in this case.  Saying goodbye, especially an unpleasant goodbye, has to be one of the hardest parts of foster care.

‘The Sea Prince and the Fire Child’ review

My most recent anime/manga article…

Recently I picked up the 30th anniversary edition of the old animated movie, ‘The Sea Prince and the Fire Child’ at our local Dayton Metro Library.  I had never seen this movie or even heard of it, but it looked kind of cute so I figured I would give it a try.  It turns out that this movie was released in 1981 by Sanrio (the famous toy company of the Hello Kitty franchise). 

When you first start watching the movie you will probably notice the dated look and feel to it.  Of course, since this movie is around 30 years old, you shouldn’t expect modern day quality or special effects.  Honestly, this movie reminds me in some ways of old Disney animation (such as ‘The Sword in the Stone’, ‘Bambi’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’). 

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