Category: Spiritual or Inspirational

  • Affirmation of the Day

    I am sharing a recent affirmation I found online which I can relate to and hope you can too!

  • Poetry – What Would Maya Angelou Write?

    A tribute to the late, great poet Maya Angelou.

  • Teenage Trauma Almost Made Me Give Up On Life

    I went through a lot of trauma between the ages of 15-19. I had already been through prior trauma, losing my dad to a heart attack at the age of 12, getting hit by a delivery truck while crossing the street when I was 10, living with an abusive, dysfunctional family dynamic from birth, etc. […]

  • On Paganism

    I came for the magick, the ceremony, the mystical – glittering amongst the crystals, candles, wands, and symbols. But it isn’t about that at all, is it? It is about essence, about the base elements that form everything in and outside of nature. It is about the history, the stories, and the heart lessons we […]

  • Visit from the Dead?

    Ok, I had a weird experience this morning. I woke up to a loud, male voice urgently calling out my childhood nickname (Mandy). At first, I thought it was my husband, so I got up to see if he was ok, but quickly saw he wasn’t here and his car was gone. I texted him […]

  • Not Taking Your Psych Meds

    Maybe it is the bipolar, but I tend to go through cycles where I stop taking my antidepressant or bipolar medicine because I start thinking either it doesn’t really work for me, I decide I would rather try natural alternatives, or I start thinking that the new agers are right and the pharmaceutical industry is […]

  • Logical Religious Thought Experiment

    Think this through: Why would any kind, loving, graceful deity demand the torture and death of something innocent in order to be able to bestow simple forgiveness for wrongs committed against them? Why would they create such a system? How would you feel about a human being who demanded the torture and death of an […]

  • Wordless Wednesday – Easter Altar Display

    Wordless Wednesday Easter Altar Display photography by Maranda Russell

  • PlannerGirl2020 – Planning It All Out

    I’ve never really been one to do the whole planner thing, but I see how much fun others seem to be having doing it on Instagram and their blogs, so I decided to give it a try. Yesterday I bought a simple but cute planner and a planner sticker kit, because I figured the cute […]

  • 2019 Yule Altar (So Far)

    I was excited as soon as Thanksgiving was over to put up my Yule altar. I’m not sure if this is the finished version for the season or not, but I liked the way it looked so far and thought I would share a pic: My favorite touches this year are the red Reindeer candle […]