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  • Art, pop, garbage and meditation – the stuff that is my life!

    Just a quick update about some stuff that has been going on in my life! 1) I have sold several artworks recently and am thrilled about it! It seems like more and more people are connecting with my art and that makes me so happy. 2) I have made a huge leap towards better health habits […]

  • Why I, a longtime Christian, changed my views on homosexuality

    I know that I am treading dangerous ground with this post. But I also know that many of my acquaintances, friends and family members have been shocked that I, a longtime Christian, have changed my stance on homosexuality and they want to know why (some have outright asked, others have only hinted around the issue, but I […]

  • The three points of view…in spirituality?

    You probably already know that in writing and narrating there are different points of view. You might have even studied the differences between first, second and third-person point of view. But I found it interesting when I came across a magazine article stating that these points of view apply to our religious or spiritual natures […]

  • Love – in theory and practice

    Maybe I have read too many near-death experiences or just have too much time on my hands, but I often think about the end of my life and how I will feel if I undergo a life review. While pondering, I start to wonder if the life review would make me regret some of the […]

  • Too many mountains to climb?

    Have you ever felt like the odds are always against you? Like you overcome one hurdle, just to have several more obstacles thrown in your path? That is how I’m feeling tonight. I know that we all have our mountains to climb and that life is full of ups and downs for everyone. But, what […]

  • A few thoughts on creativity

    I am obsessed with the idea of creativity. Visual arts, dance, poetry, music, drama…I love it all. Creativity is magic to me. It is the divine spark of life, the one thing that makes us most like God. It can be scary because there are no absolutes in creation – no right or wrong – just […]

  • Staying sane during troubled times

    Lately things have been extremely stressful for me. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that I just feel overwhelmed and discouraged by circumstances that are somewhat out of my control, but still manage to weigh heavily on my heart and mind. I think I would have gone crazy recently if it […]

  • Judge not lest you be judged – quotes about true tolerance

    Ok, I normally don’t get all political on my blog posts, but all this stuff going on lately is really bugging me. All the hate between the liberals and conservatives, all the hate between those in favor of Chick-Fil-A’s stand against homosexuality and all those who think it is prejudice, all the namecalling and mudslinging […]

  • Finding the blessings in our pain

    Recently there has been quite a bit of pain introduced into my life.  Not necessarily my own, but that of my grandfather, who is dying from stage 4 lung and bone cancer, and from my new foster son who is dealing with emotional issues no one at his age should have to encounter.  Of course, […]

  • The stuff that is life (or what I thought would never happen to me, but did anyway)

    Do you ever wonder how in the world your life ended up where it is now?  I must admit, sometimes I look back on the past and scratch my head in puzzlement.  Ten years ago (when I was 18) I was sure I would never marry, never have kids and I figured I would grow up […]