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  • New ACEO Abstract art

    Here’s a few “spin art” ACEO artist trading cards I recently listed for sale on my Ebay store. The paint kind of left a little bit of a cracked effect on some of them, which I actually kind of like. Which is your favorite?

  • Some New Art! Unicorns & Butterflies

  • Wordless Wednesday – Geometric Art

    Bright geometric abstract velvet marker art by Maranda Russell.

  • How My Head Feels

    How My Head Feels photo art drawing by Maranda Russell

  • Experimenting with Digital Art on ArtRage

    I saw a post that artbychristinemallabandbrown did the other day about a digital art android program called ArtRage. I loved the art she posted, so I decided to give it a try! I’m still very much learning how the program works and just fooling around, but here are my first few abstract artworks from ArtRage!

  • Two Sticker Collages – Cats, Books, and Loneliness

    I haven’t been making sticker collages much recently (just not in the mood), but these are two that I made not too long ago that I really liked. The first one shows my love for cats and books, and the second one is an emotional expression of loneliness. If you like my art, make sure […]

  • Spray Paint Canvas Art

    Lately I’ve gotten into spray paint art. I guess it was a visual artform I had never tried before, so the challenge of learning it appealed to me. It is actually much harder than I imagined lol. Learning how to control the spray just right so that you don’t pool the paint, put on too […]

  • First Photography Award on Photocrowd

    Recently I told you guys I had really gotten into photography and was entering contests on a site called Photocrowd. Yesterday I found out that I had won my first award on the site! It isn’t a major award, but I won a crowd favorite award for being in the top half of the crowd […]

  • “Death By Air” Oil Pastel Painting Art

    Originally, I made this oil pastel artwork “Death By Air” as a statement about pollution and climate change, but it kind of works for Covid 19 as well lol. Check out my art and other stuff for sale on Ebay!

  • One of My Favorite Recent Artworks

    I just sold this oil pastel painting the other day, but thought I would share because it is one of my favorite recent artworks I have made. I like the earthy, a little bit dark atmosphere, and the figures in line. If I remember right, this was inspired by an old, vintage photo of men […]