Tag: abstract expressionism

  • Wordless Wednesday – Geometric Art

    Bright geometric abstract velvet marker art by Maranda Russell.

  • More Oil Pastel Experiments

    Here are a few more oil pastel ACEO artist trading cards I made recently. These all reflect more abstract expressionism techniques: Check out all my art for sale on my Ebay store!  

  • Wordless Wednesday – Abstract Oil Pastel ACEO Artworks

    (Art for sale on Ebay)

  • I Won 3rd Place in Another Art Contest!

    I got some great news yesterday! The above artwork won 3rd place in the “Finding Your Inner MozArt” art contest! I get $75 in prize money plus whatever the piece sells for, so not bad! I think the best part for me personally though, is that the head judge is the Director Emeritis of the […]

  • New Acrylic Painting – Lasagna

    When I was painting the other day, I asked my husband what I should paint next and he said “lasagna”, so I created this abstract acrylic painting while envisioning Garfield trying to eat it: I like the way it turned out, even with the wet blending. Check out my other art for sale on my […]

  • Purging Depression Through Art

    Here are a couple recent ACEO artist trading cards I made when I was struggling through a nasty depressive episode. I find creating art like this is therapeutic, even if I don’t feel like doing it at first. Check out my art currently for sale on my Ebay store!

  • New Painting: Shiny Happy People

    While I was painting this acrylic picture last night, trying to capture the burgeoning depression I could feel weighing on me, the REM song Shiny Happy People came on the satellite channel I was listening to. I felt that song perfectly captured how I was feeling, as I always felt it was a rather tongue-in-cheek, mockery […]

  • “I Matter” ACEO Artwork

    I was feeling really depressed when I made this mixed media ACEO artist trading card. I originally wrote “I don’t matter” because that was how I was feeling, but after finishing the abstract artwork, I decided I didn’t want to leave such a negative message permanently. So, I took out my black pen, marked out […]

  • 2 Vintage ACEO Artworks: Edgar Allan Poe and Victorian Shoes

    Here are a couple more vintage-themed ACEO artist trading cards. Both are mixed media pieces. The first one here features paper with an Edgar Allan Poe stamp in the background, so I had to feature that! I thought the scissors looked kind of cool with it too. Then I painted over it with oil pastel […]

  • Depression Spirits ACEO Drawing

    This ACEO oil pastel drawing pretty much sums up how I’m feeling. Still struggling with the depression spirits today: Find this artwork and more for sale on my Ebay store.