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  • New ACEO Artist Trading Card Paintings

    Here are a few more ACEO artist trading cards I’ve created recently with the art markers I bought: The first one has already sold, but the other two are still available currently on my Ebay store if you want to check it out!

  • New Cute Sticker Collage ACEO Art Trading Cards

    I’ve been in the mood to do some sticker collage ACEO artist trading cards. These are just fun little artworks that are enjoyable to make and that others seem to like, even though they are an extremely simple concept. In fact, one of the two I just made has already sold on my Ebay store! […]

  • New ACEO Drawings/Paintings: Maps to Creativity!

    New ACEO Drawings/Paintings: Maps to Creativity!

    Here are a couple of my newest ACEO alcohol marker drawings/paintings. Since someone said that one of my last artworks reminded them of a map, I decided to specifically make a couple that were “map-like” to my mind. I like the way they turned out: As always, you can find my current art for sale […]

  • New Artistic Inspirations!

    New Artistic Inspirations!

    It has been a few days since I shared some art. Honestly, the past week I have kind of taken a break and haven’t created much. I tend to go in spurts and phases. Here are a couple new ACEO alcohol marker drawings/paintings though. I really like the way both turned out. For the first […]

  • Brown Scottie Dog Drawing

    Brown Scottie Dog Drawing

    This ACEO alcohol marker drawing reminds me of a Scottie dog. When I first showed it to my husband, he thought it was a horse, and I guess I can kind of see that too. What do you see? As always, you can find my art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Bronchitis Art Therapy

    Bronchitis Art Therapy

    The last few days have been rough, as I haven’t felt well due to the bronchitis and the side effects of the medicine I am taking for it. About the only thing I’ve been able to do is lay on the couch, watch tv, do sudoku puzzles, and create some ACEO marker drawings/paintings. So, I’m […]

  • ACEO Weird Critter Drawing

    ACEO Weird Critter Drawing

    So this weird little critter is based on a design I made randomly in my sketch book. The finished ACEO drawing was done with alcohol markers. When I created the critter, I saw him as facing the left, but I can’t help but wonder if in the end he didn’t end up looking more like […]

  • ACEO Abstract Acrylic Painting – Flags?

    ACEO Abstract Acrylic Painting – Flags?

    This acrylic ACEO abstract painting really reminds me of a flag. I’m not sure if there is a country that has a flag with these three colors in this order, but if so, hey, this one’s for you guys! As always, you can find my current art for sale on my Ebay store.

  • Primitive Abstract Painting

    Primitive Abstract Painting

    One type of art I have always liked and enjoyed creating is symbolic or simply abstract art with interesting lines and shapes. This oil pastel ACEO painting is a good example. This pattern or symbol or whatever you want to call it doesn’t have a specific meaning since it was just a creation of my […]

  • Blue Flowers Everywhere! Abstract Paintings

    Blue Flowers Everywhere! Abstract Paintings

    Here are a couple flower inspired ACEO abstract paintings I made a little while back. The first is a gouache painting, and the second is oil pastel. As always, you can find my artwork for sale on my Ebay store.