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  • Mental Illness Labels : Alphabet Soup Poem

    Yesterday I commented on a post by blogger Myloudbipolarwhispers about mental illness labels. In the comment, I explained how one of my foster kids once had a therapist who talked about the dangers of “alphabet soup”, which is when people start collecting so many labels (ADHD, ADD, ASD, PTSD, SAD, OCD, DID, BPD, RAD, and so on […]

  • New YouTube Video – “Behind the Scenes of My Foster Care Book”

    This week’s video is a “behind the scenes” look into my popular book about foster care entitled “From Both Sides”. In this vlog I discuss the inspiration behind the book and share a few short excerpts. I hope you will check it out! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. You can […]

  • Interview with Jennifer, foster and adoptive mother

    For my second personal interview, I have chosen Jennifer, a devoted  mom who has fostered over 40 children in the past six years, and ended  up adopting 5 of those kids.  Though she has been through a lot,  Jennifer keeps a positive outlook and has been able to help many kids by  offering her home […]

  • Right about now wishing we could change judges for our foster son…

    It may not be the same everywhere, since counties and states often vary  widely in their children’s services laws, but in many counties here in Ohio,  when a judge is picked for a case, you are pretty much stuck with them.   Nobody, including the family, foster family, caseworkers, therapists or  attorneys can request a different […]

  • Interview with a real adoptive family #1

    Although social workers and other experts can tell you a lot about the foster  care and adoption process, they can’t give you the nitty gritty details about  the experience.  Only someone who has been through the foster care or  adoption process can tell you what it is really like.  Of course, each  individual experience will […]

  • Stupid foster care stereotype #1

    Sometimes it really makes me mad when I hear people make blanket statements  about foster or adoptive parents.  Such as the popular, “Most foster  parents only do it for the money.”  I don’t know who started this rumor,  but I wish they could really see the inside reality of what foster parenting is  like.  Don’t […]

  • Feeling guilty…

    Today we had a call to see if we were interested in taking in a 4-year-old foster child.  Due to the child’s particular problems and visitation schedule, I felt that we had to say no.  I really wanted to give it a try, but on the other hand I didn’t want to bring a kid […]

  • Should you consider doing respite care?

    Do you have an extra bedroom available and want to do something to help kids?  Believe it or not, foster care and adoption aren’t the only options available.  If you would prefer short term stays and want to meet lots of different kids, respite care may be the way to go.  So what is respite […]

  • Saying goodbye to your foster kids

    Saying goodbye seems to accompany the foster care lifestyle. Sometimes the goodbye is bittersweet because the child is being adopted, or gets to return home. In those cases, you still worry about their future, but you are happy that they will hopefully have a chance at a more stable life.  Sometimes we still get to […]

  • Talk about insensitive! Americans…what are you thinking?

    You would think that most Americans would have the sense to wait a while before they start trying to special-order orphans from Japan, but apparently not.  Tazura Ogaway, the director of the adoption agency Across Japan, has admitted to being a little creeped out by the requests she is getting from Americans.  As Ogaway said […]