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  • Mental Illness – Personal or Societal Issue?

    Do you ever stop to wonder if the exploding rates of mental illness might signify that there isn’t a personal issue going on with many people, but instead, a societal or lifestyle issue? The pandemic has shown without a doubt that outside influences can make huge differences in collective mental health. The isolation, the fear […]

  • Stressful and Emotional Week

    This has been a stressful and emotional week. My husband and I had marriage counseling early in the week, which is helpful, but always makes me emotional and kind of depressed (depressed because we even need marriage counseling in the first place). Then my husband started a 12 step support group to work on some […]

  • Poetry – Claustrophobia

    In the darkened bedroom I keep the curtains open just a slit to tone down and tune out the claustrophobia.

  • Poetry – Seasick Bathing

    The bathroom wall moves. It ripples and sways with the mournful, desolate sound of the radio. Ocean blues and greens meant to calm only inspire vertigo. What are those things I see? Leaves? Seashells? Jealous sea foam? I lay back, releasing my grip as the tub empties and my consciousness follows circling slowly, among the […]

  • My Husband Goes Back to School This Week

    My husband is a special education teacher and he starts back to work this week. Even though covid rates have been rising in the area and many schools near here who opened earlier have already had to close down due to spreading coronavirus cases, my husband’s school is still opening at full capacity, full-time. I’ll […]

  • And the Mood Disorder Strikes Again…

    I’ve had a really bad couple days. The day before yesterday I had a total meltdown because I couldn’t get a painting right. It was kind of the last straw, as I have been struggling terribly with irritability, anxiety, ocd, and anger lately. At first I thought it was just a phase or one of […]

  • Covid Masks – What’s Your Experience?

    The whole covid mask thing has been a struggle for me. Probably for several reasons: #1 – I have bad asthma, especially in hot weather and wearing a mask makes it much worse. Sometimes to the point that I have to escape a store or building immediately so I can breathe again before I have […]

  • Doctor Televisits – Like Them or Not?

    During the Coronavirus quarantine, I have had to do several doctor visits by video chat. So far, I’ve had to do them with my family doctor and psychiatrist, and starting this week, I will be doing them with my counselor too. I must admit I’m not big on the whole televisit thing. I always worry […]

  • First Appointment with New Psychiatrist

    I had my first appointment with my new psychiatrist yesterday (my old doctor unexpectedly retired last month). Yesterday’s appointment had to be via video because of Covid. I was super anxious about it beforehand, not knowing what he was like or if we would be a good match. For a first visit, I would MUCH […]