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  • New ACEO Abstract art

    Here’s a few “spin art” ACEO artist trading cards I recently listed for sale on my Ebay store. The paint kind of left a little bit of a cracked effect on some of them, which I actually kind of like. Which is your favorite?

  • Disney Fan Art – 101 Dalmations & The Lion King

    Disney digital computer fan art featuring 101 Dalmations and Scar from the Lion King.

  • Wordless Wednesday – Unicorn Cake

    Wordless Wednesday – Unicorn Cake drawing painting art

  • Wordless Wednesday – Pearlized Paint Abstracts

    Art for sale on my Ebay store!  

  • New Fun, Cute Sticker Collages

    Here are a few fun, cute ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″) sticker collages I made a while ago. My personal favorite is probably the polar bears one, but I think they are all cute in their own way: See all my art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Photo Art from the Children’s Hospital

    Yesterday I went to the local children’s hospital to see their genetic specialist for Ehlers Danlos testing. While there, I got bored and took a couple photos of a set of sculptures I liked: My favorite is the feet one. I love odd angles and close ups of objects, because it shows details most people […]

  • I Won 3rd Place in Another Art Contest!

    I got some great news yesterday! The above artwork won 3rd place in the “Finding Your Inner MozArt” art contest! I get $75 in prize money plus whatever the piece sells for, so not bad! I think the best part for me personally though, is that the head judge is the Director Emeritis of the […]

  • New Acrylic Painting – Lasagna

    When I was painting the other day, I asked my husband what I should paint next and he said “lasagna”, so I created this abstract acrylic painting while envisioning Garfield trying to eat it: I like the way it turned out, even with the wet blending. Check out my other art for sale on my […]

  • Purging Depression Through Art

    Here are a couple recent ACEO artist trading cards I made when I was struggling through a nasty depressive episode. I find creating art like this is therapeutic, even if I don’t feel like doing it at first. Check out my art currently for sale on my Ebay store!

  • New Painting: Shiny Happy People

    While I was painting this acrylic picture last night, trying to capture the burgeoning depression I could feel weighing on me, the REM song Shiny Happy People came on the satellite channel I was listening to. I felt that song perfectly captured how I was feeling, as I always felt it was a rather tongue-in-cheek, mockery […]