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  • Autism – Pros & Cons of Early Diagnosis

    Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of getting an early autism diagnosis?

  • Poetry – Reverse Engineering

    Most prefer the beginning before the end, but I offer an alternative, let’s allow the end to predict the beginning. – marandarussell.com *thanks to Jonathan Caswell for the title inspiration!

  • Vacation Cancelled :(

    Today is a bummer. My husband and I were supposed to go to Buffalo, NY for spring break starting today, but I’ve got an awful ear infection and don’t feel up to going, so we had to cancel. I’m taking both antibiotic ear drops and oral antibiotics, but it is still hurting a lot. Earaches […]

  • Autistic Bath Towel Sensory Issues

    My possibly minor, but very real autistic sensory issues with bath towels.

  • Poetry – Countdown

    Six! (countdown) Five! (until) Four! (my) Three! (next) Two! (breakdown) One! DAMN.

  • Transparent vs Whiny

    This morning I woke up thinking about my online reputation and what I would like it to be. When others read my poetry and personal blog posts (especially the ones having to do with mental illness, autism, or chronic pain/chronic illness) the things I strive to represent are honesty, openness, relatable vulnerability, realistic hope when […]

  • Poetry – A Handful of Haiku

    1. Literary foes – poetry and drama show villains in us all 2. Feminine essence: pleasing full moon glow upon newly burst lilies 3. Immortal halo once crafted for an angel, my head now weighed down

  • Bad Mood Art Collages

    I’m in a mood today, so figured I would share a few ACEO artist trading card collages with a bit of attitude of their own: Find these and more art for sale on my Ebay store! Buying my art is a great way to support me and my blog, and my small artworks make great […]