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  • Artsy Photography – Spiders, Leaves, and Frogs

    Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk in the park and I took a couple “artsy” photos. First, we have this black and white spider picture: Then we have this picture of a leaf against a log that is very autumn-like for the summer: Someone on Facebook was nice enough to add a […]

  • A Few Favorite Photos From My Birthday Trip

    My husband and I had a great time on my birthday trip, although I am exhausted and extremely sore now! It will probably take at least a week for me to recuperate physically, but it was worth it! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip:  

  • Wordless Wednesday – At the Park After a Tornado

    (Ok, I’m breaking the wordless rule, but these pictures were taken yesterday at a local park that was hit hard by a tornado recently. I still found some beauty to share though!)

  • An Attempt at Artsy Nature Photography

    Yesterday my husband and I went for a short walk at a local garden/park. We saw our first snake of the year: I also tried to take some artsy nature photos: I found a perfect crow feather that I put aside to pick up on my way back out of the park, but someone stole […]

  • Micro Poetry: Modern Women

    Modern women Obsessed with the hair on their heads At war with hair anywhere else (Poetry by Maranda Russell, marandarussell.com)

  • Poetry: Jasper

    Jasper By: Maranda Russell Stone formed from drops of Christ’s blood, the martyr’s gem from legends of old – jasper stained with red flecks, forever falling from the foot of the cross.

  • Poetry: Sleeping Poetic Genius

    Sleeping Poetic Genius By: Maranda Russell I wrote a poem in my sleep last night. The words, colors, and images now blur in my mind. I try to pin them down, only to have them wiggle away like a puppy desperate to escape a confining embrace. The poem was grand, of this I am sure. […]

  • A Bipolar Self Image

    Just like with my thoughts and feelings, my self image changes so wildly with my mood. A good example of this is my view of my looks and/or attractiveness. Most days I think I look average when I look in a mirror. I’m not delusional, thinking I am some kind of supermodel or show-stopping beauty, […]

  • Poetic Art #2 – Shadows and the Sun

    “I live for these days, when colors abound and truth can be found in the shadows and the sun.” Check out my art for sale at my Ebay store!

  • Poetry Bits and Pieces

    Hi! I was flipping through my journal today and thought maybe I would share a few random bits of poetry with you! These are poetry bits that never made it into larger poems, but I still kind of like them! 1) “My soft, strawberry soul thrives like cold rain in the quiet shade of the […]