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  • A Pagan Prayer for Yule (Poetry)

    It is late at night here, but I wanted to share this on the winter solstice! A Pagan Prayer for Yule By: Maranda Russell As the days grow deep and longer, and spring as ever draws near – please make my hopes come true, and my magick strong with no fear.

  • October 2018 House of Rituals Pagan Subscription Box

    I received my October Mini House of Rituals subscription box a few weeks ago and have already used the stuff from it, but I wanted to show you all what I got anyhow. Here is what came in the box: The theme this month was Samhain & Diving with Spirits. The package included a 3-card […]

  • Poetry – Holy Warriors

    Holy Warriors By: Maranda Russell Holy warriors learn a lesson today. Their distorted agenda rightly condemns one righteous man setting a fire beyond their own narrow audience – but – to the best of my knowledge – this will be a one-time exception.

  • 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself!

    Here are a few important questions to ask yourself about your purpose and meaning in life! For fun, I have provided my own answers to them as an example! If you do answer these, I would recommend taking the time to write them down, think about them carefully, and be as honest as you can! […]

  • Poetry Bits and Pieces

    Hi! I was flipping through my journal today and thought maybe I would share a few random bits of poetry with you! These are poetry bits that never made it into larger poems, but I still kind of like them! 1) “My soft, strawberry soul thrives like cold rain in the quiet shade of the […]

  • Lyrics of My Life, “Keep the Faith” by Michael Jackson

    Lyrics of My Life, “Keep the Faith” by Michael Jackson

    This may be my favorite song of all time, even though it is a little known song by the King of Pop. It is a song that I have always found incredibly inspirational and supportive when I felt like everything was going wrong and the world was conspiring against me. I have listened to this […]

  • Belief in Hell Dies Hard

    Belief in Hell Dies Hard

    Recently I read an excellent poetry book entitled “Shit House Rat“, written by Daniel Crocker (a fellow bipolar writer). The poetry in this collection is brutally honest, gritty, and humorous, and even engages some of our favorite characters from Sesame Street in a way that is unique and really outlines the harsh reality of adult […]

  • Two Haiku for You

    Two Haiku for You

    I have found myself at a loss for words, but here they come anyhow… All the lighthouses! All the lighthouses! Yet there’s no light to be found. Pointless monuments! (Yes, I know the second one is irregular form, but I felt it sounded better with the first line repeated, so I broke the rules!)

  • Life is Pain

    Life is Pain

    Life is pain. And I don’t mean that in some philosophical bullshit way…(or maybe I do?) Life is pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or existential. The gentle yearning ache of a heart perpetually unfulfilled… The bittersweet bile of nostalgia creeping up one’s throat… The sharp bite of our unreliably aging bones… The mind-numbing […]

  • My Story in 59 Words

    My Story in 59 Words

    My Story in 59 Words Written By: Maranda Russell I am a product of the heartland, and many years of dedication. I am a survivor of abuse, and the proud parent of creation. I am separate from my family, but still trust their education. I hear earth’s voices unite in song, and join their recitation. […]