3 Pop Art Pets Marker Paintings

I came across a Crayola marker set at CVS that I used to create the below artworks. I really like the way these markers give a painting-like feel to the pictures and how the markers show a variety of shades when used. The kit only came with 5 markers (brown, orange, white, green, and pink), but I was able to make the pictures look almost life-like with them.


IMG_0275 (2)


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Spring Come Quickly! Cute Bunny Collage

Today I’m looking forward to spring! Warmer weather, sunshine, flowers, bunnies…I love it all and am ready to see winter slip into the past! I find that when springtime comes it always does wonders for my mental health, probably due to seasonal affective disorder, which always seems to be an issue in the wintertime. I thought that since I’m feeling it so strongly today, I would share a spring inspired ACEO mixed media collage artwork I made a while ago:


“My Hare Line” picture book series review

“My Hare Line”, the picture book series photographed and written by Patsy M. Henry, is a very unusual group of books.  The concept of the books is based around the experiences that the author has had with her own pet rabbits, which she received after the age of fifty-seven.

As you can imagine, for a couple who had never had pet rabbits before, undertaking the care and raising of multiple bunnies was both a challenge and a delight to Patsy and her husband.  The line of bunnies started with one single white rabbit, simply named Bunny Rabbit.  Bunny Rabbit was a gift from Patsy’s husband for Easter.  In fact, Patsy thought it was just another stuffed animal…but then it started moving!

Soon, Patsy and her husband had an entire group of bunnies.  The book tells the story of how these bunnies changed Patsy’s life for good.  As any loving pet owner can tell you, pets become almost like children to their owners.  We love to watch them grow and play, we hate to see them lonely or suffering, and we agonize over their absence when they are gone from our lives.  With tenderness and compassion, Patsy shares her experiences, both good and bad with her beloved bunnies.

This book deals with some very profound issues, such as death and the brutality of nature, but it shares them in a way that will not frighten or upset children.  This would be a great series to share with your children, especially since the story gives you a great opportunity to talk about any losses that your children have experienced themselves, such as the death of a pet or grandparent.

Normally, I would write an in-depth review of the illustrations, but this series uses real-life photos instead of drawings.  The photos are of excellent quality and will help the children who read this story to really relate to the characters since they can watch them grow and change.  Honestly, the idea of using the photos was brilliant in this case.  I don’t think the story would be nearly as captivating without them.

To find out more about the “My Hare Line” series, please visit the author’s website, http://patsymhenry.tatepublishing.net/.  There you will find more information about the books, the author and the places where the book can be purchased.  There is also a facebook page for the series, which you can find here.