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  • Two Sticker Collages – Cats, Books, and Loneliness

    I haven’t been making sticker collages much recently (just not in the mood), but these are two that I made not too long ago that I really liked. The first one shows my love for cats and books, and the second one is an emotional expression of loneliness. If you like my art, make sure […]

  • 3 Pop Art Pets Marker Paintings

    I came across a Crayola marker set at CVS that I used to create the below artworks. I really like the way these markers give a painting-like feel to the pictures and how the markers show a variety of shades when used. The kit only came with 5 markers (brown, orange, white, green, and pink), […]

  • Quarantine and Writer’s Block

    I’m having one of those days where I just don’t know what to write. Nothing good comes to mind. I don’t really want to share art or poetry today, but I don’t feel like I have much else to share lol. I guess I could write about a few mundane things going on in my […]

  • Sully & CATS ACEO Collage Art Fun

    Check out my art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • New Family Member?

    Yesterday we brought home a new kitty for a 5-day “sleepover” to see if he might be a good fit for our family. He is right around a year old, very playful and active, but also quite nervous at the moment as you might imagine. Here he is hiding under the kitchen table, where he […]

  • Poetry – Killing My Cat

    Monday appointment 3pm $41 for the medicine of death $90 to turn you to ash cancer is no respecter of species Spyder, what would you say if you knew what was coming? The question haunts me and you aren’t even dead yet

  • Poetry – Better Than Money

    I like many things better than money – windy skies and resilient wings, fiddles that set everyone dancing, minds that are open and yet, not empty, churches unconcerned with old books, and warm, cozy homes littered with cats.

  • A Couple Christmas Themed Collages

    Here are a couple Christmas themed ACEO collages I made this year! Both were made with Christmas washi tape found at Michaels and other art supplies I had on hand. The first collage is still up for sale on my Ebay store, but the 2nd one (the cat themed one) was actually made as a […]

  • Freaky Friday – My Mysterious Moving Cat Statue

    Are you interested in hearing a weird personal story? Ok, so for over a year now I’ve had this praying black cat statue on my living room coffee table: I picked him up at Michael’s last Halloween. Anyway, I normally have him facing front as pictured, looking to the left (from his perspective). But, multiple […]

  • Stressful Week – Sick Kitty & CFS Flare Up

    This week has been stressful. First off, I have a sick kitty that has recently cost us over $700 in vet bills (for severe diarrhea) and even after spending all that money and giving him antibiotics and treating him for parasites just in case, he isn’t any better. The clean up hasn’t been any fun […]