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  • Six word story – home invasion

  • Poetry – Life Stages

    Dolls ponies kickball screaming bruise childhood Boys angst shame body confusion teenage Marriage work pretending big loss twenties Health Pain Drugs Homebody Silence thirties forties? fifties? sixties? yet to come

  • Childhood Dreams Realized

    You know one awesome aspect of being an adult who collects toys? You can make your childhood dreams come true by buying yourself the toys you wanted most while a kid but never got for one reason or another. One doll I desperately wanted as a little kid was a Kid Sister doll. For some […]

  • Complicated Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day always creates such a barrage of mixed emotions for me. There was a lot of trauma, abuse, mental illness, and foolish decisions that marked my childhood. My mother was far from a perfect parent. Luckily, she does admit to that and seems to be really trying to be a better person now, but […]

  • A Night Full of Nightmares

    Last night I had a bunch of nightmares. In fact, I woke up feeling like that was all I did all night – face some of my darkest fears. These nightmares didn’t feature vampires, ghosts, ax murderers, clowns, or spiders…they featured the person I love the most in the world, my husband. In these dreams […]

  • A Genuinely Good Day! I Felt Like a Kid!

    Yesterday I had a genuinely good day! My husband and I went to a little new age shop that is always fun to browse through. I love all that metaphysical “woo woo” stuff, and got some cool new candles, an awesome black skull container, and a book on aromatherapy. After that, we visited a local […]

  • Things I Would REALLY Like to Say to My Past Abusers

    I don’t owe you anything! I’m nothing like you. You don’t own me and you never did. You deserve what you got. Sometimes I feel nothing for you. You are at fault for so much. You have no one to blame but yourself. You are lucky to have anyone who still cares. I’m a saint […]

  • PTSD and After Effects of Abusive Relationships

    A couple nights ago I was feeling so confused and conflicted inside that I started to feel a little bit claustrophobic. Some of you may not understand that feeling if you’ve never had it yourself, but it is something I have experienced more than once when the emotional and rational parts of my brain just […]

  • The Need to Protect Abusers

    The Need to Protect Abusers

    Unfortunately, I’ve faced a great deal of abuse in my somewhat short lifespan. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse. Most of this abuse happened when I was growing up and happened at the hands of people I should have been able to trust and look to for protection. There is a part […]

  • Unrealized Dreams Dance ACEO Art Trading Card

    Unrealized Dreams Dance ACEO Art Trading Card

    I made this dance themed ACEO art trading card last night. In a sense, it is a dream unrealized for me, as I always wished I had been a dancer growing up. I did do gymnastics, but I always wished I could have been a dancer as well. Now with all my physical problems, I […]