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  • Poetry – “Numb” Haiku

    When you feel nothing why does it always end up feeling horrible?

  • It Got Freaking Cold Overnight!

    I woke up this afternoon (I am a late sleeper lol), and as soon as I put my feet on the floor I noticed it was freezing! Fall hit overnight it seems! Or maybe even winter! So, I had to break out my Garfield fleece pajama bottoms, my thick black cat slipper socks, and my […]

  • My Husband Made Me Sick

    I think I caught my husband’s cold 😦 My throat feels like it is on fire, I’m running a low grade fever, and now I’ve started coughing too. So, I think I’m going to take it easy today and just lay around the house and do nothing. Maybe watch another animated movie on Netflix (this […]

  • The Cold Commercialism of Society

    I am often disheartened by the cold commercialism of society. As I watch the rise of the giant corporations and mega conglomerates, I feel like life in general is becoming less conducive to humanity and relationships and more about flashy advertisements and raking in the money. Those few people running the world don’t just seem […]

  • New Year’s in The Twilight Zone

    New Year’s in The Twilight Zone

    I’m still struggling with this nasty cold I caught, so I am spending pretty much all day laying on the couch or in bed. Since it is New Year’s Eve, I am watching The Twilight Zone marathon on Syfy Channel, which has pretty much become a yearly ritual for me. I love this show and […]

  • Hiking with Hemingway

    Hiking with Hemingway

    Hiking with Hemingway Written By: Maranda Russell One foot in front of the other, he reminds himself sternly, pulling the edge of his hat down to shield his sensitive brown eyes from the glare of the city lights winking in the distance. Every glimpse of human society, of the burning embers from love lost and […]