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  • Poetry – Modernity

    You’ve now been baptized circumcized sterilized traumatized hypnotized actualized monetized computerized privatized subsidized economized commercialized

  • How Crazy Am I?

    How Crazy Am I?

    *I wrote this fun little poem while sitting at Burger King, eating my hamburger and onion rings. It just kind of “came” to me lol. It is meant to be cynically humorous, hopefully it is. How Crazy Am I? I don’t know a 10? Nah… I ain’t THAT fucking insane. A 9? Well, I’m not […]

  • Pony Gods

    Pony Gods Written By: Maranda Russell I pray to the Pony Gods. I don’t know if they listen, or even if they care, but sometimes they do seem to answer. Why the Pony Gods? Why not? I figure the Pony Gods have just as much a chance of being good – or being real as […]