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  • Short personal health update

    The past week or so has been rough. Twice I’ve gotten super sick while out on short trips and had to lay down in the backseat and pray I didn’t throw up till we got home. When getting out of the car I was so dizzy I almost collapsed against the car. Chronic vestibular migraines […]

  • Poetry – Minor bouts of mania

    minor bouts of mania fun guy get things done depressed sit in dark room give me whatever I want clean the house contact reach out talkative grocery store line love me they all love me bulldoze you all

  • Poetry – please let me go

    Please let me go please let me go let me flicker out of existence for a while Let this heart still let this mind be silenced let these feelings fade until I can bear to face them again.

  • Poetry – Is there meaning here?

    Is there meaning here? I stare into space oblivious to all but my own numbness, hoping for a call – a beckoning voice to draw me back from the edge of my self-imposed exile. Drop the feathery gauze from these old, battered lenses and push me if necessary out of the warm niche carved long […]

  • Why I’ve Been MIA (and my 39th birthday!)

    Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since you heard from me! I went from blogging everyday or every other day, to struggling to blog once or twice a week, to just not blogging at all for over a month. I think part of it might have been burnout, part of it was […]

  • Mental Illness – Personal or Societal Issue?

    Do you ever stop to wonder if the exploding rates of mental illness might signify that there isn’t a personal issue going on with many people, but instead, a societal or lifestyle issue? The pandemic has shown without a doubt that outside influences can make huge differences in collective mental health. The isolation, the fear […]

  • Struggling to Blog – Depression or something more?

    Lately I’ve really been struggling to blog. I don’t feel enthusiastic or motivated about it. I’m not sure if I’m feeling burnout or what is going on. Have you ever gone through this as a blogger? If so, what did you do? Did you force yourself to keep to your blogging schedule anyway and just […]


    Feeling majorly depressed and trying to cling to hope that it will end soon.

  • Stream of Consciousness Writing – Where Did I Go?

    Where did I go? I swear I was just right here, feeling fine, but now I look around and I’m nowhere to be seen. I guess I’ll have to break out the “lost self” posters and nail them to every tree on our block. If I’m found, I’m afraid there is no reward, but my […]

  • Stressful and Emotional Week

    This has been a stressful and emotional week. My husband and I had marriage counseling early in the week, which is helpful, but always makes me emotional and kind of depressed (depressed because we even need marriage counseling in the first place). Then my husband started a 12 step support group to work on some […]