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  • Poetic Art #1 – Sleep Through Our Nightmares

    “Night, and the evening comes, while we all struggle to sleep through our nightmares.” (Check out my art for sale on Ebay!)

  • 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself!

    Here are a few important questions to ask yourself about your purpose and meaning in life! For fun, I have provided my own answers to them as an example! If you do answer these, I would recommend taking the time to write them down, think about them carefully, and be as honest as you can! […]

  • Digestive Issues and Owl Sightings

    Digestive Issues and Owl Sightings

    What I thought was an IBS attack might actually be a bug or food poisoning or something else. This is the third day straight now I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach and having bowel issues, so it seems much longer than my typical IBS attacks in length. Due to that, I’ve had a rather […]

  • Unrealized Dreams Dance ACEO Art Trading Card

    Unrealized Dreams Dance ACEO Art Trading Card

    I made this dance themed ACEO art trading card last night. In a sense, it is a dream unrealized for me, as I always wished I had been a dancer growing up. I did do gymnastics, but I always wished I could have been a dancer as well. Now with all my physical problems, I […]

  • Top 10 Places I’d Visit on My Bucket List

    Top 10 Places I’d Visit on My Bucket List

    Do you have a bucket list of places you would like to visit before you die? I do! Here are the top 10 places I would like to visit: Ireland Stonehenge (UK) Loch Ness Monster’s Home (Scotland) Somewhere I can go whale watching Romania Emily Dickinson’s Home (Amherst, MA) Salem, MA Italy/Greece Munch Museum (Oslo, […]

  • Writing Prompt: $1,000 to Spend

    Writing Prompt: $1,000 to Spend

    Today’s writing prompt: If you were given $1,000 to spend right now and you had to spend it, what would you buy? My response: If someone gave me $1,000 to spend right now and I couldn’t save any of it, I would go on a fun shopping spree! The top things that come to mind […]

  • I Dreamed I Was Black Last Night

    I Dreamed I Was Black Last Night

    I had an interesting dream last night and thought I would share, partly just because I found it weird and wonder what it meant, and partly because I think maybe there was a pearl of wisdom to be found in it about race relations. In the dream my family and I were scared because a […]

  • Writing Prompt: What Would Your Happy Ending Look Like?

    Writing Prompt: What Would Your Happy Ending Look Like?

    For a while I’ve been wanting to start posting occasional writing prompts to my blog. Just a question or two or a spark of an idea to hopefully inspire you guys to take up your pen/pencils/keyboard and write out your thoughts and feelings. Even if you aren’t a writer by profession like myself, writing out […]

  • Video diary/blog (video 3) dream interpretation & insight

    Before I share today’s video blog link, I wanted to explain that the reason I am doing so many video blogs right now is because I injured my right shoulder/arm/back and it is really hard to do much of anything with my right arm, including typing much. So I figured it would be a good […]

  • Is suicide an unforgivable sin? A bit of hope for those left behind.

    I am feeling impressed tonight to share something very personal….which is kind of odd because what I feel I should share actually happened over a year ago. However, I just feel very strongly that I am being asked to share this and hope that maybe it will help someone somewhere who is dealing with the […]