Tag: emotional

  • Poetry – Someone Else

    I thought I wanted to be an actress, but now I realize, I only wanted the chance to be someone else.

  • 2 Emotional Abstract Expressionism Artworks

    I created these two emotionally charged ACEO abstract artworks not long ago. The first was sort of a cry of frustration when I was having trouble writing new poetry that I felt was any good: This second piece was sort of a plea to the world and to those around me specifically to see me […]

  • Poetry – Let Me Try Not to Think

    Let me try not to think. I want to remain dimly conscious of the fact that the bravest man amongst us will never overcome the innate fear he harbors towards himself.

  • Poetry – Killing My Cat

    Monday appointment 3pm $41 for the medicine of death $90 to turn you to ash cancer is no respecter of species Spyder, what would you say if you knew what was coming? The question haunts me and you aren’t even dead yet

  • Poetry – Stuck

    Stuck not sure where to go so many roads limited time stalled pick foot up put back down repeat. Am I moving forward or standing still? The shadows move but my footprints stay right here.

  • Ghost Hunting and Ear Infections

    Man, I’m pretty bummed today. I was supposed to go ghost hunting at a local cemetery with a paranormal investigation group, but yesterday my earache turned into a raging ear infection and between the ear pain and the nausea from the antibiotics, I had to choose to stay home and rest. I guess there will […]

  • Poetry (Haiku) – Grow Up

    Grow up, they all say But when I try to plant roots they poison the soil (Written for a #haikudaily tag on Twitter, theme was “grow”)

  • Poetry: Unspeakable Childhood

    ‘Twas horrible to think that she suffered an unspeakable childhood. Every day they reopened the contentions – old ones that she could not tear away. Mischief and dread became more likely than right and wrong – causing heads to hit hard against circumstances almost as good as she once was. (Blackout poetry created from a […]

  • Poetry: Second First Love

    I hated you the first time we met. You had replaced my old love before I had the chance to even say goodbye. You dared to appear right as he vanished – and for that you had to take the blame.

  • Afraid of Living

    I am not afraid to die – but I am not yet unafraid of living. I’m not sure I have ever written truer words than the 3-line poem above. This little gem came to me while taking a bath last night, so I repeated it to myself like a mantra until I got out of […]