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  • Doctor Visit and Bipolar Mood Swings

    Doctor Visit and Bipolar Mood Swings

    Today has been busy, although not all that fun. I had an appointment with my doctor today (my primary provider). I found out I have another ear infection, so I’m on yet another course of antibiotics. I think this is my third or fourth round since the new year started. So tired of this cycle. […]

  • Rages and Paranoia

    The past couple months I have been all over the place emotionally and mentally. I plan to go over all this with my psychiatrist when I see him later this month, but felt I would share here some of what I’ve been going through. It is kind of weird because I have had several bouts […]

  • All Over the Place

    All Over the Place

    Lately I’ve been all over the place emotionally. I’ve especially been struggling with feelings of rage (I even stabbed an inflatable black cat to death), panic, and dread. Often I find myself laying in bed and these feelings come over me, settling like a heavy blanket around me, so that I feel like I can’t […]

  • Just a Big, Black Hole

    Just a Big, Black Hole

    The last couple days have been rough. You ever felt like you were a giant black hole of emptiness and need that sucks the joy and positivity out of everyone and everything around you? If not, you are lucky. If you can relate, I’m really sorry to hear that because it is a terrible, horrible, […]

  • You’ll Regret It All

    You’ll Regret It All

    I recently came across the following quote by philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, and it really struck me as deeply true, at least for me. No matter what I choose to do or choose not to do in life, there is always a part of me that wonders if I made the right choice and won’t shut […]

  • Video: Art Insecurity

    I’ve been feeling a lot of art insecurity lately, so decided to make a video about it:

  • Feeling Invisible

    Feeling Invisible

    Any of you ever feel invisible? Most likely, you are human, so you have felt that way at some point in your life. Unfortunately, I feel that way a lot. I’m not sure if it is the bipolar, the autism, or the fact that I am simply a hermit, but I struggle with feelings of […]

  • Why Stars Explode

    Why Stars Explode Written By: Maranda Russell Feeling lonely tonight, wondering if the night sky knows how I feel – it seems like she would. All that emptiness, the vast space between each star, perhaps that is the real reason stars explode – not because of heat, not because of age, but simply due to […]

  • Video diary/blog (video 2) art as therapy

    So here is the 2nd installment of my new video diary/blog series. This video talks about creativity, art and its therapeutic uses. I hope you enjoy the video and that it inspires you to indulge in some art therapy of your own! If you watch the video, please consider giving it a thumbs up on […]

  • Having communication problems doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings!

    Last night I had an interesting dream about someone I hadn’t thought about in a long, long time. In this dream, I was once again being antagonized by a boy I knew many years ago in my early teen years. This boy really hurt my feelings more than he will probably ever know. Although he […]