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  • Life is Pain

    Life is Pain

    Life is pain. And I don’t mean that in some philosophical bullshit way…(or maybe I do?) Life is pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or existential. The gentle yearning ache of a heart perpetually unfulfilled… The bittersweet bile of nostalgia creeping up one’s throat… The sharp bite of our unreliably aging bones… The mind-numbing […]

  • I Don’t Like to Read Anymore :(

    I Don’t Like to Read Anymore :(

    Lately I’ve hit the worst and longest lasting reading slump I can remember. For at least a couple months now I have struggled with picking up a book (any book) and reading it. I’ve tried a multitude of genres and subject matter, so I don’t think that is the issue. I’ve tried books of different […]

  • You’ll Regret It All

    You’ll Regret It All

    I recently came across the following quote by philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, and it really struck me as deeply true, at least for me. No matter what I choose to do or choose not to do in life, there is always a part of me that wonders if I made the right choice and won’t shut […]

  • Desperate Loneliness

    Desperate Loneliness

    I feel so desperately lonely sometimes, and at those times it feels like I am not only experiencing my own personal loneliness, but the loneliness of humanity in general. During those times I mourn how disconnected we have all become, and I consider how alone each of us really is in our own thoughts and […]

  • Hiking with Hemingway

    Hiking with Hemingway

    Hiking with Hemingway Written By: Maranda Russell One foot in front of the other, he reminds himself sternly, pulling the edge of his hat down to shield his sensitive brown eyes from the glare of the city lights winking in the distance. Every glimpse of human society, of the burning embers from love lost and […]