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  • Poetry – Life Stages

    Dolls ponies kickball screaming bruise childhood Boys angst shame body confusion teenage Marriage work pretending big loss twenties Health Pain Drugs Homebody Silence thirties forties? fifties? sixties? yet to come

  • Neurologist Visit Update

    Yesterday I saw my new neurologist for the first time to try to figure out why I am suddenly having so many migraines. I must say the visit didn’t start out well. For one thing, they only see new patients first thing in the morning, and I am NOT a morning person. However, I did […]

  • Star Trek Exhibit Highlights at Indianapolis Children’s Museum

    Over the weekend my husband and I visited Indianapolis to see the Star Trek exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. My husband was in heaven lol. I was there. I did find a few fun things to concentrate on though. I annoyed my husband by sitting in the captain’s chair like this: My personal favorite […]

  • Dental Cleaning from Hell

    That headline isn’t exaggerating. I had a horrible dental cleaning experience yesterday. Now to be fair, my teeth are extremely sensitive, just like everything else on my body (thanks autism), so cleanings are never fun for me anyhow. There are always at least a few painful nerves hit during the process. However, yesterday the lady […]

  • Poetry – When I Was Hit By a Truck

    Not many 10-year-olds could be hit by a speeding delivery truck while crossing the street and live to tell the tale… but I always was a weird statistic. The truck ran me over with the ease of a speed bump. I even had the tire tracks and imbedded gravel across my stomach to prove it. […]

  • Fears of Becoming Home-Bound

    I’m still struggling with bad neck pain. Yesterday it felt a little bit better, so I figured I would try to get out of the house for the first time in a while (other than ER visits). Unfortunately, once I got in the car, the vibrations from the car itself and the movement from driving […]

  • Even My Dream Self is Depressed

    I’m still struggling quite a bit. Feeling lethargic, numb, and exhausted all the time. Still not wanting to get out of bed, even though I’m not finding much refuge in sleep either, since my dreams the last couple nights have been overrun by nightmares. Quite an assortment of bad dreams too: A dream about my […]

  • Christmas and Family Forgiveness

    Yesterday my husband and I traveled over to Indiana to meet my mom and her husband for Christmas dinner. We all decided to meet at a truckstop that is about halfway between us, so that neither of us would have to cook, clean up, or drive too far: I genuinely had a good time and […]

  • Alien Abduction Experience?

    You all seemed to enjoy my post the other day about past life dreams, so I thought I would share another weird experience I had years ago. This is the closest thing to an alien abduction experience I have ever had. This is only one of two experiences I have had where I honestly wonder […]

  • Poetry – At Your Service

    At Your Service By: Maranda Russell One more lost little girl at your service. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m not at your service. I’m not at your anything – and I never shall be again.