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  • Supernatural Dreams

    So I had an awesome dream last night. It was super weird, but cool, kind of like a sci fi/fantasy movie or something. In the dream I was attending this school that looked a lot like a Catholic school, but it was for entities that had supernatural powers of some sort or another. I was […]

  • Poetry – The Wishing Garden

    It was as much as she could do to believe such nonsense, but she went on to look through the garden gate with one eye open, keeping the other tightly closed – wishing for a vision, praying for a dream.

  • ACEO Artist Trading Cards – Unicorn, Castle, and Cupcakes

    $3 each, find these and more art for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Poetry – Master of Time

    Master of Time By: Maranda Russell Make the closed circuits and tinker with the channels. Embrace the metal of your own making as well as that of the Gods. Hold the pocket watch of eternity in your shaking hands and watch as time starts to run backwards. Today is the past, yesterday, the future.

  • Poetry – Malice

    This little poem was inspired by a middle grade book series called “Malice” by Chris Wooding. I liked the world that was created, and decided to capture just a bit of it in poetry (my favorite line is the “mushroom lamps” one): Malice By: Maranda Russell Take the evening train into the cavernous abyss. Light […]

  • Cupcake and Unicorn Collages

    Here are a couple new ACEO artist trading card collages featuring some of the stickers I got for Christmas! Both of these were made with acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, and of course, the stickers!!! I like the fun, bright quality of both, and the cupcake one already sold, so I guess others like those qualities […]

  • Wordless Wednesday – Harry Potter Adult Coloring Book Pictures

  • Original Art from My JRR Tolkien Adult Coloring Book

    The past couple days I’ve been in the mood to do some adult coloring. Using my Tolkien’s World adult coloring book that I received from a friend, I used my art markers and other art supplies to finish these two pictures of a raven and a vampire bat, which I felt would fit the Halloween […]

  • YA Book Review: “Without Tess” by Marcella Pixley

    “Without Tess”, written by Marcella Pixley, is one of the best YA novels I have read in a while. I rarely give books five stars when rating them, but this one I did. The story revolves around the main character (Lizzie), and her dead sister (Tess). Lizzie is the younger sister by a couple years […]

  • Original Art – Seeing Gods in the Clouds

    The other day my husband and I were sitting on our outside swing watching the clouds, when I saw a fully formed image appear in the fluffy whiteness. I quickly ran inside to grab my sketch book and created a drawing of exactly what I saw in the sky. To me, it looked like some […]