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  • What I Believe, Do Not Believe, and Am Unsure About

    Like many others with Aspergers and OCD traits, I enjoy making lists and organizing my thoughts in a linear fashion on paper. While flipping through an old notebook, I found the following lists of “What I Believe”, “What I Do Not Believe”, and “What I Am Unsure Of”, and thought I would share it just […]

  • New Cute Sticker Collage ACEO Art Trading Cards

    I’ve been in the mood to do some sticker collage ACEO artist trading cards. These are just fun little artworks that are enjoyable to make and that others seem to like, even though they are an extremely simple concept. In fact, one of the two I just made has already sold on my Ebay store! […]

  • Happy Art – Pegasus and Sunshine

    Happy Art – Pegasus and Sunshine

    I share a lot of darker art and writing on this blog, so thought today I would share some bright, happy art! I like the way this ACEO art trading card came out, featuring a pegasus and a swirly sun. I also added a bit of pastel splatters to dress it up a bit more. […]

  • Adult Coloring is Art

    Adult Coloring is Art

    In my opinion, adult coloring is art, and it does take at least some artistic talent to create a visually appealing adult coloring book picture. Of course, I’m probably biased since lately adult coloring has been a hobby I’ve been into, but since several people have bought pieces I colored from my Ebay store, I […]

  • Pony Gods

    Pony Gods Written By: Maranda Russell I pray to the Pony Gods. I don’t know if they listen, or even if they care, but sometimes they do seem to answer. Why the Pony Gods? Why not? I figure the Pony Gods have just as much a chance of being good – or being real as […]

  • Why “Mockingjay” (the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy) depressed me

    After seeing the Mockingjay Part 1 movie in theatres, I finally decided to read the entire Hunger Games trilogy. I had read bits of it in the past, enough to know the main plot of each book, but I had never really sat down and read them all cover to cover. Last night I finished the last book in […]

  • The most memorable books I read during October 2014

    Starting this month, I am starting a new series of posts where I will list the most memorable books I have read in the past month and why they made such an impact on me. These aren’t necessarily “the best” books, but instead are the ones that really stuck with me for one reason or […]

  • An interesting thought about the afterlife

    Ok, this post may be a bit out there, a mix of philosophical musing and fantasy stories, but thought I would share just for fun. Right now I am reading the Riley Bloom series, written by Alyson Noel. This fantasy series is based on the premise that the main character, a 12-year-old girl is dead […]

  • Interview with Middle Grade Author Greg R. Fishbone

    I was fortunate enough to get the chance to interview Greg R. Fishbone as part of his Galaxy Games Blog Tour. For those of you unfamiliar with Greg’s work, he is a fantasy/science fiction author who normally writes for the 8-12 age group. His most recent work, “Galaxy Games: The Challengers”, published by Lee & […]

  • ‘The Magical Horses’ – an inspirational tale for children of all ages

    At first glance, “The Magical Horses”, written by Beate Epp, seems to simply be a tale of adventure, but if you look closer and actually read this incredible story, you will find both wisdom and inspiration within its pages. Although this book is mainly marketed as a children’s book, its message is one that is needed […]