Party Like It’s Your Birthday…


Yesterday was my 36th birthday! I had a great day! My mother and her new husband, Bruce, took me and my husband out to eat at Perkins where I had some delicious spiced pear and cranberry waffles, then we went back to my house and visited for a while. Those of you who follow my blog regularly probably know I have a rocky relationship with my mother at times, but yesterday was actually really nice.

My mom also gave me some gifts, including cash and all this stuff:


The llama dances to the tune of “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and is so adorable!!!

After my mom and Bruce left, my husband gave me his gifts for me:


The t-shirt is awesome since I adore black cats and that lyric is from one of my all-time favorite songs (by Simon & Garfunkel). The black skeleton candle and Hello Kitty card are big favorites too!

A good friend of mine also sent me a little care package which was extremely sweet:


I’m looking forward to reading that book since the movie looks pretty cool too. And you can never go wrong with ponies and cats!

Overall, I had a great day! Thank you to everyone who helped make it special!

Fan Q&A: Favorite Musicians, Autism and Romance, Suicidal Thoughts

Hello! Today I’m sharing my most recent fan Q&A video from my YouTube vlog. In it I discuss my favorite musicians besides Michael Jackson and Nirvana, whether I believe having high-functioning autism makes it harder to have a romantic relationship, and exactly what kind of suicidal thoughts I have had in the past and why I hope people get help if they themselves are struggling with thoughts like that. If any of you have a question for me you would like answered in a future video, please ask in the comments section of this post or the video itself!

Something fun…favorite shows of all time?

Lately I’ve been working ALOT.  I’m still doing book reviews and author interviews for this blog, promoting my ebook “In Memory of Dad”, finishing the final editing work for my upcoming picture book, “Ode to Icky” and working on my next ebook release, “Weezie, the Elephant with Allergies”.  I’m pooped, so instead of doing some philosophical, life-changing post, I am just going to talk about my favorite tv shows and invite all my readers to share their faves in the comments below as well!

My personal favorites:

* The Twilight Zone

* The Mary Tyler Moore Show

* I Love Lucy

* Charmed

* The Dick Van Dyke Show

* House

* Little House on the Prairie

* Looney Tunes (the originals)

* Ghost Whisperer

* Family Guy

I could probably think of more, but I’m too tired….