Tag: feelings

  • Feeling Shitty

    To be honest, I’m feeling pretty damn shitty today. Bad mood all over. I also can’t seem to do anything right today. I’ve knocked half the shit I tried to pick up or handle on the floor today. Feeling unloved, unlovable, and like everything is ultimately pointless and I don’t even like my own company […]

  • Poetry – Someone Else

    I thought I wanted to be an actress, but now I realize, I only wanted the chance to be someone else.

  • Wanting to Be Special

    Do you feel “special”? Do you long to feel special? It seems to me that people strive so hard to be special, to be exceptional. Ordinary is for losers…or at least that is the message we seem to get from society. I’ll admit that I share this obsession. Maybe part of my problem started with […]

  • A Few Random Life Thoughts/Happenings

    The grief from losing my kitty is starting to ease a little bit. Still a big loss, but I’m trying to focus on the future and how to bring more good things into my life right now because it feels like I could really use some good things. Tonight I’m attending a poetry class at […]

  • I Miss Having Kids Around

    Today my husband and I went to go see one of his students dance in a special recital: Seeing all the cute little kids dressed up in their costumes and dancing made me really miss having kids around. I used to be almost constantly surrounded by kids between foster parenting, volunteering with the kids at […]

  • Purging Depression Through Art

    Here are a couple recent ACEO artist trading cards I made when I was struggling through a nasty depressive episode. I find creating art like this is therapeutic, even if I don’t feel like doing it at first. Check out my art currently for sale on my Ebay store!

  • Depression Spirits ACEO Drawing

    This ACEO oil pastel drawing pretty much sums up how I’m feeling. Still struggling with the depression spirits today: Find this artwork and more for sale on my Ebay store.

  • Poetry: Second First Love

    I hated you the first time we met. You had replaced my old love before I had the chance to even say goodbye. You dared to appear right as he vanished – and for that you had to take the blame.

  • Afraid of Living

    I am not afraid to die – but I am not yet unafraid of living. I’m not sure I have ever written truer words than the 3-line poem above. This little gem came to me while taking a bath last night, so I repeated it to myself like a mantra until I got out of […]

  • Poetry: Narcissistic Games

    She could never let me sleep. That would put us on equal footing and allow me to be fully awake and aware. Instead, she would sneak into my room, shake me awake and cry loud, calculated tears while I practiced hiding my true feelings and tried my hardest to become a limp, gray rock held […]