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  • Valentine Sticker ACEO Trading Card Collages

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I bought some Valentine stickers at Dollar Tree recently and decided to make some ACEO collages with them. Here are the finished results: My favorites are the food themed ones. I thought those were really unusual for Valentine’s themed stickers. I always like to find the weird, different stuff! You can find […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: New ACEO Mixed Media Collages

    (Currently for sale on my Ebay store)

  • Adult Coloring Book Art – Coffee Break and Winter Witch

    I’m still on an adult coloring book kick. Here are a couple recent finished pieces. First, we have a coffee/snack inspired picture: This second image was actually one that I cut out of a paper from my House of Rituals pagan subscription box. Personally, I think the star and the reindeer antlers make her look […]

  • Wordless Wednesday – Care Bears Adult Coloring Book Pictures

  • I Survived the Birthday Party!

    A few of you seemed like you wanted an update about how my husband’s birthday party went yesterday (if you didn’t read my post yesterday, you can find it here). Most of the really bad nerves happened before the party and on the way there, which is pretty normal for me. I had an IBS […]

  • Poetry: Waffle House at 3am

    Waffle House at 3am By: Maranda Russell Waffle House at 3 am is not the place to make a scene. It doesn’t matter if your heart is broken, if your brother just ran off with your boyfriend, or if you want to punch that smarmy cook right in the left testicle. Stringy hashbrowns cover a […]

  • Target Easter Junk Food and Toy Shopping!

    Target Easter Junk Food and Toy Shopping!

    After going to the movies yesterday, my husband and I stopped by Target and had to do some Easter junk food shopping! Along with the mixed bag of seasonal Kit Kat, Reese’s, and Rolo’s, we also picked up some Little Debbie Easter Carrot Cake Rolls and Spring Nutty Bars. I’m not sure if these are […]

  • Shopping Blog and General Life Update

    Shopping Blog and General Life Update

    I woke up today feeling like I just needed to get out, so went to do a bit of shopping, nothing too exciting as you can see here, but hey, sometimes even routine errands can help get our minds off heavy stuff. First I stopped at Walmart. As you can see, I am still feeding […]

  • Shopping Haul Blog – Candy, Kids Books, and Doll Stuff

    Shopping Haul Blog – Candy, Kids Books, and Doll Stuff

    I thought it might be fun to do a shopping blog and show you guys some stuff I got today 🙂 Let me know if you like this kind of thing, I’ve seen other bloggers do posts like this and I enjoy them. After my therapy appointment today (where we talked about some really heavy […]

  • Wallflowers Unite!

    Wallflowers Unite!

    I made this mixed media collage a while back, but I still really like it. Who doesn’t love yummy hot pancakes, and I thought the honeycomb was a nice touch that mixes in nicely with the maple syrup on the pancakes. But my favorite aspects of it are the tiny spider detail and the “wallflower” […]