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  • Pumpkin Patches and Patterns Abstract Paintings

    Pumpkin Patches and Patterns Abstract Paintings

    Sometimes I pick a few random colors and then make a painting or two out of them, just to see what I end up with. I did this a couple days ago and came up with two acrylic ACEO paintings that I rather like. The first, I like to call “The Pumpkin Patch”, because that […]

  • Abstract Paintings Inspired by Toys

    Abstract Paintings Inspired by Toys

    The following two abstract gouache paintings were inspired by toys of all things. This first one was inspired by a random grouping of McDonald’s Shopkins toys (sort of like a toy still life painting): And this second painting was inspired by a Gingerbread-themed rubber ducky I won from a claw machine at the arcade: Both […]

  • Hounds of Hell Painting

    Hounds of Hell Painting

    I love the way this abstract acrylic ACEO painting turned out! It was a pure abstract, no subject in mind, but lo and behold, when I was done, I saw what I like to call “the hounds of hell” within its image. Do you see it?: This piece is currently for sale on my Ebay […]

  • Art for Bad Mood Days

    Art for Bad Mood Days

    Having a bad day? Just want to tell the world to F-off? Let a painting say it for you: Ironically enough, I actually wasn’t in a bad mood when I painted this small acrylic picture, I just thought it would be rather funny to combine the naive, childlike art style with a wee bit of […]

  • Bicycle Glitter Watercolor Painting

    Bicycle Glitter Watercolor Painting

    This bicycle themed ACEO painting I made recently reminds me of the often underappreciated Queen song: “I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like…”

  • 2 New Art Trading Cards, Mixed Media Collages

    2 New Art Trading Cards, Mixed Media Collages

    Here are two new, mixed media collage art trading cards. Both are for sale on my Ebay store page if anyone is interested 🙂 The first card was inspired by love, romance, and sensuality, and the second card was created partly just because I love wolves and partly because the new meds I’m on have […]

  • New Art Videos!

    Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit, we are in the process of getting ready to move (moving date likely in mid-July). I did want to take a minute to share some videos I made on my YouTube vlog featuring my latest miniature artworks I have been working on! I also added a few of […]

  • Video: New ACEO Art Trading Cards & “Kid Artists” Book Review

    Some of my newest art work and a cool book I came across for fellow art nerds:

  • New Videos! Artworks for Sale & My DNA Genealogy Test Results!

    Hello! I had a couple videos I wanted to make sure I shared with my blog readers! The first is just another look at some of my newest artworks and what inspired them (quite a few of them already sold!): Also, I decided to do one of those DNA genealogy tests for fun, just to […]

  • Video: New ACEO Artworks! Lots of Mixed Media Collages!

    Hi everyone! This is just a short post to share a recent video I made showing off some of my newest ACEO art trading card artworks (both those I make and sell and those I have collected from other artists!) I love the world of miniature art and hope others get into the hobby too! […]