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  • Poetry – To Thine Own Self Be True

    I don’t want to write this poem SO I WON’T – marandarussell.com

  • Poetry – Breakup Song

    (Sing to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”, feel free to change pronouns to fit your personal situation) He’s a piece of shit He’s a piece of shit I don’t even want to be sad cause he’s a piece of shit -marandarussell.com (Don’t worry, I’m fine lol, just wrote this a while back […]

  • Poetry – Sell Your Soul?

    Everywhere I go I hear warnings about the dangers of selling your soul, but here I am pouring mine out day after day and I can’t even GIVE it away!

  • Poetry – Beauty and the Beast

    I already told this story but if you insist, here it is again condensed into one word – bestiality.

  • Poetry – Astaroth

    Astaroth: guidance counselor to the fallen – because, hey, even demons get discouraged. (Note: Lately I have been reading a book about fallen angels and their mythology. I had to write something about it when I came across the information that the demon Astaroth supposedly fulfilled the role of “guidance counselor” to the other demons […]

  • Poetry – When I Was Hit By a Truck

    Not many 10-year-olds could be hit by a speeding delivery truck while crossing the street and live to tell the tale… but I always was a weird statistic. The truck ran me over with the ease of a speed bump. I even had the tire tracks and imbedded gravel across my stomach to prove it. […]