Tag: God

  • Poetry – Uncomfortable

    We are uncomfortable in this world not made for us. Divine providence? Grand design? Or just another cosmic punch line?

  • Logical Religious Thought Experiment

    Think this through: Why would any kind, loving, graceful deity demand the torture and death of something innocent in order to be able to bestow simple forgiveness for wrongs committed against them? Why would they create such a system? How would you feel about a human being who demanded the torture and death of an […]

  • Poetry – God as a Fish

    Do you know how I picture God myself? As one single fish, enormous, creative, scattering millions of lucky little accidents like caviar – deep in his dark sea caverns, each tiny black marble waiting their turn to wash up on life’s sandy shore. (Want to help support this blog?)

  • Poetry – Scrambled Savior

    I meant to share this poem around Easter, but forgot. Guess I had too much going on. This poem just sort of wrote itself, with the images of both the commercial and sacred aspects of the holiday mixing together in my mind. It is not meant to be offensive to religion, but instead, to compare […]

  • What I Believe, Do Not Believe, and Am Unsure About

    Like many others with Aspergers and OCD traits, I enjoy making lists and organizing my thoughts in a linear fashion on paper. While flipping through an old notebook, I found the following lists of “What I Believe”, “What I Do Not Believe”, and “What I Am Unsure Of”, and thought I would share it just […]

  • I’m Not An Atheist

    Many people jump to the conclusion that I am an atheist because I am not religious anymore and can be very critical of organized religion. However, I am not an atheist. I do often listen to atheist podcasts and read atheist books, but I also sometimes listen to and read material from spiritual or religious […]

  • My Apology to God

    During meditation time tonight, I got to thinking about forgiveness and love and ended up writing down a letter to God, in which I expressed all the things that are on my heart. The letter ended up taking the form of an apology…both for the things that I think I personally have done (willfully or […]

  • I was a paranoid kid…is that normal?

    Tonight I’ve been thinking about what a paranoid kid I used to be. I started thinking about the subject when 3 of my cats started acting totally crazy tonight. For some reason they are agitated, anxious messesĀ and seem to think there is something scary in one area of the house, even though I see nothing […]